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Someone had asked for this quote. So I am going to put it here for all ...

"The light given me of the Lord in this matter is that as far as possible lady physicians should care for lady patients, and gentlemen physicians have the care of gentlemen patients ... any unnecessary exposure of ladies before male physicians is wrong ... women should be educated and qualified just as thoroughly as possible to become practitioners in the delicate disease which affect women, that their secret parts should not be exposed to the notice of men ... it is a most horrible practice, this revealing the secret parts of women to men, or men being treated by women. Women physicians should utterly refuse to look upon the secret parts of men ... It is not in harmony with the instructions given at Sinai that Gentlemen physicians should do the work of midwives. The Bible speaks of women at childbirth being attended by women, and thus it ought always to be." (Counsels on Health, p. 363-4-5).

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What do you think of this quote?
I will let the person who asked for it comment.
Thanks for Posting this passage......
In places like Africa where doctors (much less gynecologists and midwives) are greatly outnumbered by patients, would you say a woman seeing a male gynecologist is going against spiritual counsel? Consider the use of the word 'necessary' in the quote.
Good point Dan. I would also consider the words 'as far as possible'.

I was trained in the medical field at Loma Linda University. I can tell you .... that we are trained to approach this issue with care. We are trained to provide care for both sexes but in a 'clinical' and 'professional' manner. This is done by the vast majority of clinicians.

In this day and age .... there is just as much danger of you getting treated by a member of the same sex as it is to be treated by the opposite sex. We live in a world of a growing population of homosexuals and bisexuals and all kinds 'exuals'.

Sin abounds. It just means that we need to be on guard.

But personally ... I can tell you that in general we are not taught to abide by the above teaching in our church medical institutions and universities.
Obviously there is a professional code of conduct that this counsel seeks to preserve. There are some who have chosen to become medical practitioners because of some ulterior motive while there are others who got derailed while already practicing.
Wherever it is 'necessary' to be treated by a professional of the opposite gender, either the patient's spouse or some other close relative or friend,of the same gender, should be present, if the Practice does not have an established policy that requires a third person (staff) to accompany the examining officer.
I know this gyne whose mother (a certified midwife) is usually in the examination room while he is 'seeing' the patient.
This certainly goes a long way in keeping his medical malpractice insurance premium from soaring.
In my territory, there are probably as many, or more male OBGYNs as their are females. However, I know of no practicing female urologists.
The biblical principle that governs who shall 'uncover the nakedness' of another, was prescribed by God to indemnify us against us against a plethora of ills
Its obvious that in this quote, Ellen White spoke ideally. Each situation must speak for itself. I do agree though that physicians should attend to patients of the same sex, but based on what occurs in our present society, one wonders if there is any sacredness to private parts any longer...

I wonder what Ellen White would say if she were to be alive today.
this is very interesting and makes perfect sense. I think there are a lot of Bible principles backed up by EGW, that I'm not aware of. It would seem that current medical practices have the potential to lead the mind in wayward directions as we know sin begins in the mind. Steve
I would also like to add that the quote says " far as possible" as well. Possibly in America and other highly developed nations we have much more choice among treatment options, especially those with good insurance and higher incomes. We always also have the option of prayer as well. I'm sure there are always exceptional circumstances that are indicative of an emergency situation or other contexts where there is no time or perhaps better opportunity for proper options. Steve


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