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After getting all information about how nocive is to work by night time, is still all right to go against what we believe on temperance matter  ?

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good question ..yeah im a night owl myself naturally

And when i worked as maintence in a 24/7 major truckstop where on two busy high ways crossing it was go go go

And i was there for almost ten years and on graveyard alot

everything is fouled up and inconsistant

we are even out of step with the world in ways.

i would fall asleep in church cause even though my sabbath is off ..i still have my night schedule in my sleep patterns! lol

So i understand completely

We really do the best we can do with what we got. the body has no choice but to adapt as it can and God is there with you and understanding u and blessing u.

He doesnt hold these things against you. He is so good to us.


By Doing That is a Rebeld attitude! 


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