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My friend is a nurse and she sometimes has to work on certain sabbaths...she doesn't feel good about this...we talked about it  and found no of our friends told us that a job that makes you work on Sabbath is from the devil not from God...but a nurse is there to save lives that would have died if the all hospitals were closed...what then?...Is it not good to do good on sabbath, as Jesus once said

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I myself am i nurse and i will say that i do feel guilty about working on sabbaths. Infact i have to work this coming sabbath. i was having this discussion with mom the other day.And she asked me about what would happen if all the seventh day adventist hospitals were to close on sabbath, what would happen to those patients. As a nurse we are there to care for people who are sick just like jesus did.I must say that the enviroment might not be that of a praise and worship, so whenever i get a spare moment i read ,pray and share the word with my patients
Firstly, let me say that your friend who said the job is from the devil is taking a Pharasaic, legalistic view of the law - the very view that Jesus tried to change. This is not following the spirit of the Law nor is it remembering that the Sabbath was created for man, not man for the Sabbath.

Certain jobs are essential. Do we tell women not to give birth on the Sabbath because there will be no-one there to attend them? If someone is in pain and in need of medication on a Friday night do we tell them to wait a day and then we will attend to them?

A friend of mine is a anaethetist (sp?) specialising in children. He refuses to do any non-essential operations on the Sabbath but is still on call for emergencies. Any money he makes from working on the Sabbath is kept separate and he invests it in evangelism - personally funding evangelistic campaigns.

If your friend has a problem with working on Sabbaths as a nurse then she has a choice and can change her job, work for free, or find a nursing job that does not require her to work any Sabbaths. If it is only others accusing her that causes the problems then it is the others who need to find Christ and have a Chrisitian "reality check". As you quoted, it is not against the law to do good on the Sabbath.
Perhaps the following thought comes into the category of 'hard sayings', but...

"Physicians need to cultivate a spirit of self-denial and self-sacrifice. It may be necessary to devote even the hours of the holy Sabbath to the relief of suffering humanity. But the fee for such labor should be put into the treasury of the Lord, to be used for the worthy poor, who need medical skill but cannot afford to pay for it." (Medical Missionary p.216)
Excellent quote! Thank you for bringing to our attention!


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