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Folks, are you keeping your eyes and ears open? I noticed there is rarely any discussions about world events. Most of the discussions are humdrum, Look at what has happened today. Two huge earthquakes occurred in Indonesia. One was a 8.9 and the other following it was a 8.6. No one here on this site is discussing this. Our world is drastically changing for the worst, but no one seems to care. People of the Lord are have dreams about End Time Events, and no one is reading or heeding. Why the passive state of folks on this forum? We all need to wake up and take notice. The events happening all around us is as plain as the nose on our face. We are being warned by God to get ourselves ready. We do not have much time.

God help us all!

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I noticed too. but let's respect the topic they posted...:)

love you MsMS....:)

both of you are correct. i can't express myself well because of the language barrier... hahah, but I believe in you most of posts here were not the subject we wanted to see and expected but again and again they are the largest patronized topic with hundreds of respondents? Imagine they can expound from 1 to 2 pages per answer? great! amazing!

Still I give my respect for them because maybe in heaven there is quizz like that... LOL sorry sometime I'm being naughty and funny...

Collen I totally get what your saying, no disrespect to others posts. I agree with the pants post, too silly for me and yet I find myself commenting I have noticed some important topics have gone ignored. I love talking about the end of days btw:) We are going to see more and more these tragedies, so awful. What also scares me is what we are not seeing!

Great thread Colleen!!! Great thread....

My better half and I wonder these things a lot. Just shows how close we are. Only thing though is we are stopping Jesus from coming.

sure... share it now....

I will read it, just tell me where...

Colleen I have been saying this for decades to people and yes they think I am

I have to tell you, I had been saying things like this and right after the Berlin Wall came down my dad said I was right because only God could have brought that wall down and he felt that big change was coming endorsed by the book of revelations. My dad conceding to that validation was awesome. It is amazing to see how this is unfolding like God has said. I have a great book to recommend if you are interested, it's a really good book on revelations written by an SDA.

I AGREE....and THANK YOU!  While respecting the right of people to speak about what they choose, it is disheartening  that almost all of the the topics seem to rally around the SAME ISSUES that have little to do with the real world or pratical ministry in 2012.  Blessings!


in front where?

Did I forget to say, let alone Jesus Christ and Him crucified?  Real talk.

Actually, April 11 was mom's birthday. But the day before,Ive been telling everyone at home and also at work (like crazy) that we should be prepared for April 11th, as if something will happen. I pointed out Sept 11, March 11, Feb 11. I told them that if something would really happened, then it's nothing to do with nature. In my research, there is this plan of "decreasing the number of population".  I know I sound too crazy, but its just my opinion based on observations.And its a topic people hates to talk about '-)

Mexico hits by earthquake twice 6.5 & 7.1 intensity...


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