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Do you think a praise team is needed in our house of worship?you probably asking why not,if you may have noticed of very recent,you have over 8 persons with their voice amplified,because they are singing into mics,so in no way you can hear the congregation,whats wrong with a song leader by him self or her self?

My question is do we need a praise team?

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In my local church we do early singing to drown out the chatter and secular rumbling of people before church other words the praise service is used to stop the secular chatter in the church....

It's sad, to do worship for the wrong reason....why not discipline the members for speaking rudely and loud in church instead ?


I hear that,but am really focusing on where you begin song service and as a result of so many persons leading out on microphones, which means their voice is amplified,makes it sort of impossible for you the member to sing,because they are singing so loudly its as if they are doing name rendition renditionand the congregation must now listen,when it should be that they lead in worship and not drown out the membership voices

When that happens, you have perfectly the right to go to the main microphone, and say 'execuse everyone we are in the God's House may we have some reverence we have to quiet our voices.

I know if it starts to sound like a football field that is a no no

All depends on how its done. Reduce the amplification. Let the congregation get involved. Protest to the music director to ensure congregation is involved. Its just a matter of tact to make worship uplifing for all. But to answer ur question. Yes, its ok but not a necessity.

I quite agree,mainly because of the fact, a worship/ song leader ought to lead,not sing a special song in each hymn.

I agree

Hello Vernon

If you want one then yes. How can voices praising God ever be wrong. Just keep in mind that he is the center of attention not us.

Its good to hear positive comments from our brothers...but remember you cannot make love or praise happen with people doing words and actions....find somebody in the church who does love Jesus in His heart, and get him or her to lead, and you will find other catching the fire....


Of course voices praising God ii good,but worship service must be done with the meaning and the understanding, the spirit of prophecy commented on how our song leader/worship leader should conduct a service.

 A worship/ song leader could rob the entire congregation of that act of participation if he/she sings above them each time.

In some cases its double trouble, the musical instruments are above the voices of the congregation plus the worship team/praise team/song leader singing above the congregation also.

Members come to Church to be a part of the worship service, not to sit and listen a sermon and listen the praise team and the band,they are there to worship together, and if the song services are done with that concept,the Church gathering would have been a meaningful experience.

Reverence for God seems to be lacking in most SDA Churches sadly.

I quite agree,especially the chatter and the constant moving about


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