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would u be someones friend in Adventist online , if you learned that in their past they made sinful mistakes and

 how much as a friend are you willing to be then?

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Hey. I love this opportunity. These are the best kind of friends to make.

Matt.9:13 " But go ye and learn what [that] meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. "

Those who think they are 'righteous' are not open to the Gospel.

The love that suffers long and is kind will not magnify an indiscretion into an unpardonable offense, neither will it make capital of others' misdoings. The Scriptures plainly teach that the erring are to be treated with forbearance and consideration. If the right course is followed, the apparently obdurate heart may be won to Christ." CT 267

Jesus call us to reach out to sinners ... not saints.

We ALL make sinful mistakes. I am a sinner. But I am also saved. And as a saved person ... I am called to reach out to sinners of all kinds. Their sins are none of my business. For they are a child of God. What IS my business is to share Jesus with them.
I agree with you.
yes N HIM i must agree with u.
Our Christ reached all people regardless of their sinful nature.and if i really born again,i should cherish Christ like
life by meeting all people and share the love.all are his children
Yes. Hate the sin and love the sinner. :)
i agree. great sin = great faithfulness and great love. they the ones i'd like to meet because i think they'll be more sincere. i don't expect perfect people to be my friend since there's none.
Yes,I hope I would. :) Knowing who I am,it almost seems hypocritcal of me not to be.. If Jesus loved me so,who would I be not to love them? :)
KAREN IT SEEMS LIKE YOU WANTED TO SHARE MORE THAN THIS, BUT IT EITHER WAS ERASED OR SOMETHING MADE U STOP.. please feel free to share your mind and any links also u may want to add, IN my mind I see the necesity to share not in theological debates in here but about real issues we as Gods children experiance ok?.
My thoughts exactly, Karen!
Hmmm, and are you perfect? This sounds to me like what Jesus was trying to teach about when he told of the woman who was caught in adultery and the men wanted to stone her. Jesus said that he who was without sin could cast the first stone. One by one, all of the men left. Are you without a single sinful mistake in your past? I know I'm not.
I am a sinner saved by grace! Where could I and why would I start to throw stones? Acceptance and vulnerability are personal. If a person wanted that sort of friendship, a witness could be given to a sanctified life - only through Jesus! We are all on a different rung of the sanctification ladder. We should recognize this and not throw those stones.
jeanne I really appreciate your veiw here ok? , in this topic I hope to answer questions that younger members in here are struggling with in their daily lives ok?.
I have not asked this for no reason at all for it is a topic that is brought to my attention /I have in my past and not so distant either have made sinful choices and have been so mystifyed at Gods mercy and grace for even me. .,
I love you Lord Jesus for paying the penality for my sin personally and I want my young neices and nephews to know that you be merciful to all that turn to you and as fellow sinners we should reach out to you too for our sins too have been forgiven..
Ok Murray, good to know where you're at. I'm sorry for my first response. It was just how I perceived the question. I have a definite sinful past. Even as a believer and follower of Christ, I'm far from perfect and, yes, unfortunately, I do still sin. I know it doesn't have to be that way and I'm working at changing me, but that will happen with time. At least that is how I see it. Glad to know that you are a normal person, one of us who has a sinful past as well. Thank you for your reply.


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