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"You have no right to semi-automatic weapons in a large city" - Ben Carson

Asked by Beck for his thoughts on the Second Amendment, Carson gave the popular pro-gun argument: “There’s a reason for the Second Amendment; people do have the right to have weapons.”But when asked whether people should be allowed to own “semi-automatic weapons,” the doctor replied: “It depends on where you live.”“I think if you live in the midst of a lot of people, and I’m afraid that that semi-automatic weapon is going to fall into the hands of a crazy person, I would rather you not have it,” Carson elaborated.However, if you live “out in the country somewhere by yourself” and want to own a semi-automatic weapon, he added, “I’ve no problem with that.”

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"The spiritual church, for the most part is so afraid of the counterfeit, that they are afraid to step out and operate the true spirit of God via the 9 manifestations of the holy spirit, which are both scriptural and from God via the gift of holy spirit. May the church learn to walk by the spirit of God, time is of the essence and we appear to be entering into the Book of Revelation period or are at the gates of it?"

You bring up a good point.   

Owning a gun for some shows that you have a lack of faith in God to protect and keep you. 

It is a valid argument for some, but not all.  Some people should not own guns. If you feel it makes you lack faith, then do not own a weapon.   For me it is just a tool.  I own a chainsaw and an ax, but I do not go and cut dead wood for the stove with an ax.  It would be a terrible waste of time.  Do I show a lack of faith for not ditching the chainsaw in favor of just the ax? Do I ask God to fill up my wood lot while I sit in comfort on the computer or do I load up and go into the woods and gather wood.  No, I ask in faith for God to keep me safe from falling limbs and spring backs, and safe from dangerous tools,  I tell people where I am going in case I have an accident and I ask God to give me strength and not to strain my body picking up heavy limbs. I try not to go alone.  I wear gloves and heavy clothes.  

So in order to show faith. I should go to the woods without telling anyone, wearing slip on athletic sneakers and shorts, no gloves and with just an ax and then take on the biggest old snag I can find.  How silly.  

I think the 9 manifestations will be there if we are living Godly and things come up beyond what we can do as humans.  

Say a tree falls on me or someone while I am in the woods working and I pray and find the strength to lift the tree up that is thousands of pounds.  I personally know a woman who lifted a car up that had fallen on her husband.  Without thinking, she called to God and lift the car up.   

Owning firearms for me is multi-faceted.  They are a means of protecting myself, my family, and the innocent.  They are a tool for hunting and providing food for my family.  They are an investment, that appreciates in value over time, and could be used in hard times to make sure there is food for my family.

In short, they are tools.  They are there to do a job.  They are not malevolent entities that have a mind of their own.  But, like any tool, bad people can use them incorrectly.

For instance, I have knives.  They are tools that are used for cutting, for obtaining wood for a fire to provide warmth, to just and skin game. However, many bad people use these same tools in a bad way.

My hand axe I use for chopping wood.  Some people use it to cleave skulls.  Is my hand axe now inherently evil?


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