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You think your "new" bible version is safe to use? All Christians must watch this video.

i gotta say ive always known the NIV to be satanic from a long time. its actually produced  by a the same company that publishes the satanic bible and alot of homosexual books as well. now tell me why do millions of people read and uses the NIV bible. even on 3ABN they use it alot. how can the remnant church be using and teaching from a corrupted bible. and anyone who wanna post garbage trying to defend their beloved NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV and all other corrupt bible versions need to watch the video before they make a comment.

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your statement is FALSE brother. AGAIN I IMPLORE YOU ALL DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE STATING THINGS YOU simply do not have any knowledge whatever about. its sad. again i will say this i used to think the same way. that no bible is prefect but if you would just do your research you would see the truth brothers and sisters. shaking my head as i type this. no wonder some of you get so easily mislead into false doctrines. im done with this site. im done trying to spread knowledge to stiff necked people. tsk tsk tsk. just like the pahirsees who denied and murdered JESUS. tsk tsk tsk. shaking my head,

Rob is well versed and does know what he is talking about.  When you witness to a life long Catholic, JW, or a Muslim you should know a little about them and that God is trying to lead them in truth.  Looking back on our former error can be a powerful lesson in itself and a wonderful witness. 

The person that made that statement was referring to the English versions only.

There were other translations previous to the King James, including in English. Luther's German Bible was made around 1546- long before the King James. The 1569 Reina Valera in Spanish, known as La Biblia del Oso (The Bible of the bear) is very difficult to understand (much more than King James), so the 1909 version is more common (still archaic), although not as much as the 1960 revision and neither is based on the King James.

@Jay if I spoke error, please write it here where I went wrong....its difficult to write things in few words....

@Bart thank you for your kindness and your words

@Martin, its great to have a Hebrew and Greek scholar around on AO....

Tell me, do languages generally have lots of words that are polysemous ?

This is a really big problem with translators, and my translating ability is small....but when I translate English into pidgin for PNG people, there is generally an English word for a pidgin word, and polysemous or multiple meanings is rare in any language.....Would you agree with me ?

So why do translators have a field day making Hebrew words often have as many as 12 English words for the Hebrew word ? It spoils reading our Bibles....


Rob, I hear what you're saying about using the Catholic Bible to witness to Catholics and JW's New Bible Translation. My problem is, what gospel would you be taking to them? I've noticed that a lot of non-Adventists and even non-believers often raise the claim about our standards when they find us at fault. For example, at a popular eating place they usually asked, "Even you Adventists eat this food?" It is clear to me that the world looks at us "as a spectacle" not for similarities but for the differences between us and them. In Exodus 19:5,6 God calls His people to be peculiar, unique. I don't know how you preach, but I do not see myself succeeding much by using a Catholic Bible, for example. What if your listener quots Tobit or Maccabees to support their beliefs about the state of the dead? I found discussions with JWs particularly challenging when they referred to Phil 2:5-11 and John 1 about who Jesus is (so we should not pray to Him, for example). The JW New Bible Translation lowers Christ to just another man, a good man perhaps.

You do the same thing that Paul did. To the Jews he was a Jew. To the Gentiles, a Gentile. He even utilized the altar to the unknown god when talking to polytheists.


You've hit the nail on the head with your question about Spanish Bibles.  This whole thing is about translation.  None of the Biblical writers spoke or wrote in English (or Spanish).  So we must translate as best we can what they wrote in other languages.

Without having a fluent understanding of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek we must all rely on translations.  We should be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of all translations.

EVERY translation is imperfect.  Some better or worse than others.  But God is in all major translations.  An amazingly consistent picture of our Lord and Savior is presented across the translations.  Lost sinners can be won to Christ using any major translation.  This is Good News!

Burning a NKJV Bible is burning the Word of God.  Period.  I would never do it, condone it, or allow it to happen in my presence.

Blessings and prayers,

Well said Brother Clark

Happy Sabbath everyone

May God bless your words however they come to you


Great mature reply Clark.

Amen brother. Burning any translation is putting you in Satan's camp.

Hola Grey,

Yo uso la Reina Valera, versión del 1977. También he visto la del 1995 que usas. La del 1907 (versión Antigua) es difícil de entender por usar lenguage arcaico. La que no recomiendo es la del 1960 por haber reemplazado la palabra sábado con "día de reposo." Espero que esto ayude.

English: I use the Reina Valera Version of 1977. I've also seen the 1995 that you are using. The 1907 (old version) is difficult to understand by using archaic language. The one that I do not recommend is the 1960 one because they replaced the word Sabbath with "day of rest." I hope this helps.



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