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You think your "new" bible version is safe to use? All Christians must watch this video.

i gotta say ive always known the NIV to be satanic from a long time. its actually produced  by a the same company that publishes the satanic bible and alot of homosexual books as well. now tell me why do millions of people read and uses the NIV bible. even on 3ABN they use it alot. how can the remnant church be using and teaching from a corrupted bible. and anyone who wanna post garbage trying to defend their beloved NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV and all other corrupt bible versions need to watch the video before they make a comment.

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amen. at least one person apart from myself actually knows and understands the point of this revelation.


Are fanciful~

And abundant in the King James Version.

Haha! Yes, but I think people understand what it possibly meant. Just like Leviathan or Behemoth. Not the mythical creatures either, rather referring to brontosaurus and whale (and Satan at times). 

NIV translates oxen and bulls which makes a lot more sense than a 16th century imaginary creature.

True, but that is not the only translation that give it a more accurate description.

I do have a question though. For you and anyone who have views on the matter...If Jesus warned about those that take away from or add to his word, and if He meant His Word, is it not serious to consider? I agree we have many translations to reference from and should, but there are over 200 bible translations. A grand number are not needed and should be avoided.

Many have grown up or grown use to NIV, but if it does indeed have serious fallacies, should it not be considered for what it is and warned against? KJV is a close translation but not at all the only one that should be used if hard to understand. Not everyone is born Adventist, and those have grown in the Spirit and overcome hard challenges to find God's true church, so in light of information like this would it not be continue growth to put away such things like NIV if promoting an agenda and omitting/changing where not necessary?

I don't think you can have a more serious fallacy than putting unicorns in the Bible.

...You must really not like unicorns, haha!

I'm sorry I just have to put my 2 cents in.

The word unicorn means "one horn" so a rhinocerous would technically count as a unicorn. As well as any other single horned animal.

Some of us need to dig deep and hit the books.  This explanation is not just needed for KJV, but for all translations.   


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