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You think your "new" bible version is safe to use? All Christians must watch this video.

i gotta say ive always known the NIV to be satanic from a long time. its actually produced  by a the same company that publishes the satanic bible and alot of homosexual books as well. now tell me why do millions of people read and uses the NIV bible. even on 3ABN they use it alot. how can the remnant church be using and teaching from a corrupted bible. and anyone who wanna post garbage trying to defend their beloved NIV, ESV, NLT, NKJV and all other corrupt bible versions need to watch the video before they make a comment.

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I should probably mention that the people who made this film are very anti-adventist. Just saying...

THAT DOSENT DENY THE FACT this is indeed 100% factual. if it ever  comes to adventistism and TRUTH. give me truth any day of the week. who is to say Adventistism is 100% correct. heck they even use the freaking NIV BIBLE on 3abn and im many Adventists church

Brother or sister JayExodus, we use the best translation for any given text; sometimes the NIV or the NKJV does a better Job at translating a text. Ellen White did the same thing too: she used the better translation....

have you watched the video? i used to think the same thing as well. like its no difference which version you use as long as people are reading the word of GOD its a good thing but listen to me brother. the NIV is satanic. they re word the word of god to mislead Christians. please please please DO NOT be naive to the fact as i was. trust me its not a petty thing. please i implore you to watch the video then you can speak on this matter.

Did you do any research on this matter? Or were you merely convinced by watching the one video?

Good question. I believe he thinks that viewing the video is equivalent to research.

this is something ive researched last year. this video is merely to cement all the facts i have researched. look im done trying to convince folks who have been mislead so the choice is yours. believe in truth or don't. simple. im done talking to stiff necked folks. you love your NIV. well god gave us free will. its your choice.

Actually I dont use the NIV. I mainly the use the KJV, & NKJV. Sometimes I'll use the English Standard Version.

i own a NKJV and im going to burn it and put the video on youtube so people will come to their senses. sorry for being so dramatic but truth is truth. using the NIV, ESV, NKJV is the same as attending a roman catholic church In my opinion.

Well I respect your opinion, yet will have to disagree. In any case, i wish you good luck in your walk with Christ and I hope this will be beneficial to you.

I see you are new to Adventism Jay? Stay balanced....

Actually Jay is just a Believer concerned about the subtle way Satan tries to deceive us....

I have been studying this problem for over 11 years now can and say the best way to read SEEDS in the Bible is the read them in their original language, the OT and NT was originally written in Hebrew. To understand your Hebrew, read two good English translations.....ELLEN WHITE wrote the ancient Hebrew into English, yet she herself never knew Hebrew, and the KJV Bible is fairly good translation but sometimes inconsistent with using the same English word all the time. The very worst Bibles are dynamic ones.

The best Bible out there for Hebrew faithfulness is Jeff Benner's work and research....

Further studies

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