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I have a prayer request. I would like to ask that my daughter, Amber, be remembered in prayer.She was raised an Adventist, however in the last year or so she has drifted further and further from God. She told me a few months ago that she does not exactly believe in God anymore. How can this happen to someone? I just cannot understand. I really feel like time is very, very short and she does not have years to do her own thing. Please pray that the Lord will get her attention, please pray that she will have a desire to get to know the Lord again. Thank you so much!

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Thank you so much.

Amber is 21. She has been married for close to 3 years and her husband was also a Adventist. He was new to the Adventist church when she met him. Now he feels the same as her, questioning if there is a God or not. It makes me sad because at one time Amber was really on fire for the Lord. She would study hours a day and she wanted to give Bible studies. Its just so hard to understand what would cause a person to completely change their way of thinking like that.


Thank you.

I know the pain you are going thru.  My son, 27, and daughter, 23, are both out of church and drifting.  I just keep praying that God will reach out and find a way to bring them back.  And my son's family with them.  Praying for you!

May God leads her back. I will pray for you sister.

Yes, Sister Lucy only God can draw her again to Jesus, You need to pray for your daughter, and hope that she will change her heart again and obey God.You are right life is very short and we are in the last days.

I have an 18 yr old and a 24 yr old daughter, neither of which is in church. I didn't raise them right and now they are seemingly paying for my downfall as a parent.
Hard to bear. Prayer is the only thing I believe will work. And my witness. I know I can do better to show them what Peace that passed understanding looks like and what it does for a person.
God bless your efforts and prayer is powerful! HE wants our children back even more than we do! And that's good news to me.


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