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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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Those who do not accept Christ are held accountable. Those IN Christ ... ask forgiveness and have the Robe of Righteousness over them and their sins. So, Christ takes the sins ... the sinner is not held accountable. That is the Gospel. That is the Good News.
That is not the gospel my friend.

The Gospel is righteousness that is given of God that produces obedience.

Righteousness without obedience is a false doctrine and needs be condemned for what it is.

A clever lie of the devil.

I hope that I am reading this wrong.

because they dont feel that they belongs to the church......!sometimes they feel rejected from the members....,and they dont feel happy to the church they belong.....
Love of the world leads many of them to seek pleasure which they think (how wrong they are) that church is boring. And many of those who leave the church by the time you know it, they are dating or cohabiting with a non-believer, clubbing and doing all sorts of worldly things.

I'm totally convinced that church is fine, music is OK (Oh i love the hymns) and the line of demarcation between the church and the world should be vividly visible.
That's right you are supposed to be a light!

I'm in a public university too.
So in brief what you are saying when it's time for the SDA you sing the hymns, and when the others show up, you jump up and down, sway hips and all that kinda of stuff like bursting in unknown tongues (FYI they call it worship)

Correct me If I'm wrong I'm wondering how you can jump up and down, sway hips and you don't burst into speaking those gibberish tongues.
Joseph. Have you ever been to a celebration SDA church?
I've never heard of such an animal. An SDA charismatic church? Tell me no.
Good Points Freedom. This needs to change. If the adults of your church are saying hi ... then you must be in a progressive church. For I fear that is actually good. What is really good is if they are not putting you down and squashing you. This is unfortunate.

I must say that these 'modern' times are also hard on the older folks also. You know ... now days you can be accused of all kinds of things if you are 'too' friendly with young people.

It is a sinful world we live in. So sad. All we can do is praise our God and look forward to Heaven.
If you can't take the time to actually learn something about other denominations, I guess it makes sense to assume they're all charismatic hippie types. :P
There is no one reason why the youths are leaving the church. They are leaving for different reasons. I teach the junior sabbath school, and one of my student told me that church is boring it is not fun. He comes every week to sabbath school then go to listen to the pastor, and then he ask where is the fun in that. These kids are so much into the computer , tv, video games they get bored very easily when they have to sit and listen they think they should be doing something rather than sit and listen.
Yes. That is the culture of our time. Are we going to force them to conform to our old ways ... or are we going to reach out and adapt to their way?


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