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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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Well said. Some good instructive statements here. Much we old people could learn.

We need to meet people were they are at like Jesus did. We need to provide and use the latest technology. We need to relate to them with things that are important to them. Music is a very important area. And if we are stuck in the mud with music from the 50s ... then this will turn them away. Once we have them hooked ... then we can indoctrinate them into the music of the '50. Ha Ha.

Michael ... you said:

"Most of the kids I know are not interested at all in GYC. One young man even called it 'conservative propaganda and indoctrination'. Lol."

I agree. We do need to have a garthering for the youth that are not interested in becoming legalists. What GYC is teaching is horrible. All you have to do is to look at their leadership and speakers. Enough to make one sick to their stomach. But it is our repsonibility to provide something good. I had heard some who were realizing the need and wanting to do something. But I fear no action has happened yet.
"What GYC is teaching is horrible. All you have to do is to look at their leadership and speakers."

Like... Shawn Boonstra? Steve Wohlberg? Doug Batchelor? Who would you rather have teaching young people? Ernie Knoll? Oh, wait, he's conservative...

Well, anyway, I really want to go to GYC this year. From what I've heard on the GYC sermons I've listened to on, it sounds pretty good to me. I'd rather go there than some liberal convention.
Ha Ha. I would prefer the liberal ... I will make no bones about it.
That's great! I can hardly wait for your report on how it went... please let us know.. ok? I feel there is a great pre-judging of GYC based on opinions that have not been validated by people that have never been... so let us know...

It seems very hypocritical to me that on a thread talking about young people staying in church and GYC is brought up where thousands of young people are going and affirming their faith that is a "bad" thing...
There will always be people of different kinds of behaviors everywhere we go... it seems pretty judgemental to me to base our opinion of something based on generalities, don't you think?

My daughter attends a non-denominational Bible study, and the ladies there have an assurance of salvation, albiet wrong at times (eternal security). She is depressed because as SDAs, we do not have an assurance of salvation NOW. She knows the statements of Mrs. White who said we should never, never say we are saved now, that it is in the future.

I believe that according to the Bible we CAN have assurance of our salvation (we HAVE eternal life and other statements of hope, especially by Apostle Paul). Is there any way I can talk to her about this? She knows the Bible, but also relies on Mrs. White. Any suggestions?

Thanks much,

Sylvia Brown
It is in my mind very glaring that they don't have any balance with the great men that you have added above. And I would add Jon Paulien and Hyveth Williams to that list.
*reacts to one of the few names he recognizes*

Graeme Bradford? O_o
There are plenty of EGW quotes that have the clear message of the assurance of salvation. It depends upon which preachers you are exposed to. The GYC crowd obviously would have no assurance of salvation because they are taught they need to work work work.
Not true about GYC.
They are tired of the hypocrisy and grandstanding, not enough real Christian love among the brethren.
I have heard that too, among some young adults who had left some years ago. Truthfully though, they might just be more in love with the world than with Jesus. The times I've considered this question, and just observed, I've seen a lack of interest.. and concerns for other things. Can't speak for all churches, but, I know there are things young people really would enjoy doing. Honestly, I gotta put the ball in their court cuz its on them, not someone else.


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