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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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Sometimes the Youth scan in the church and see not something special because of our mediocrity. There should be Daniels, Davids, Jeremiah, Timothys in the church.

The church has to educate the young to achieve and obtained the highest levels of education available if there's a provision coupled with preserving the very highest standards of spirituality.

When a church shall be with many Ben Carsons, then they'll be convinced that If you are faithful and take God at his word they will gain spiritually, mentally and physically sound bodies and minds and will soar on wings like eagles and God will fulfill the desires of their hearts.

The church also has to put in place scholarship programs to support kids of the needy in educating them. Our church rarely supports children in terms of tuition fees, we have no heart of giving and helping each other, so when they look out and a nearby charismatic movement is willing to pay tuition then they'll join.
As a family .... we are reading "From the Hood to the Hill" by Barry Black. We have about 20 pages left in the book. What an inspiration. If the youth want someone to look up to .. Barry is the one ... especially for Black youth.

Barry is the US Senate Chaplain. He prayed at the Obama inaugural celebrations. Obama wrote a nice comment on the back of Barry's book. What a witness this man is. So, we do have the Whitney Phipps ... the Ben Carson's ... The Terry Johnson's and the Barry Blacks. Now these are just a few black men that the youth could look to for a good witness. I will leave the white ones up to the rest of you guys.

BTW ... Barry personally signed our copy of his book. He is sitting there in the capitol with a great view of the mall and the Washington Monument ... just go there and ask him to sign your's.
This is the female NHim why are we wearing disguises on this site when we say we will die for Jesus if persecuted! such phoniness and confusion. No wonder Satan has a hayday here.
i think the main reason why our youths today are leaving the church is due to the lack of love in the church. the reason for sayin this is because when we as a church goes out an hold outdoor crusade and these people are baptize into the church. theses people are looking for someone to take care of them and love them. they need nurturing as well as some sort of attention to know that they are loved. if we just bring them in the church and allow them to grow for themselves, they will suddenly lose interest and suddenly walk otu of the church. so my advice is to love our brethren. john 13:35 says we need to have love for one love as much as u can.
That's true in some places. They need to know that we care for them & love them. There are also some parents who are super strict & we have to remember that our relationship with God is likened to a child & their parents. They will view God as they view us. If we are exacting & quick to punish, etc. the child may see God in that way & it's not healthy. The other extreme is not healthy either.
In Adventist Today ... They quoted a youth saying this:

"“We keep looking for an Adventist church that

has dynamic worship, that is grace-centered, that has strong

mission, contemporary relevance, and openness to young

people. We’re just having a hard time finding a church like that.”

Does anyone know of a church like that? Maybe we could make a list of suggestions.
Dynamic worship - Conforming to the patterns of this world
Do you really think that our Lord is not dynamic?
I'm sorry for me I'm a conservative young man and still a youth. I've sang hymns during worship and I'm okay with them...I don't want the dynamic worship consisting of bands, xtian rock worship and repeating of one chorus 10+ times

The greatest want of the world is the want of men, men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men who conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall
I am a youth at heart. And I want some excitement and passion along with some drums in my praise music. And I also want the sermon to be dynamic. If we can hear the same old line about works works works ... then we can have some repeats of praise to God. It used to be okay to praise God. Read the Psalms and tell me about repeating.

And oh ... some good old swaying of the hips don't hurt nothing either.
Wow! Some great points there Gabriel.

This is the key. Let each one have their belief ... but show love and respect for those who have beliefs that differ with yours.
Have you watched Amazing Facts and Sacramento Central Church worship services? Visit my page there are clips of music from their worship services. Now Doug is the senior pastor of Sac Central.

If you folks want swaying of hips, jumping up and down, I'm afraid thats in clubs not in Church!


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