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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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They are not stupid. They can smell hypocrisy a mile away... They know they are being entertained to bring more numbers into the church. Nobody bothers to share Truth with them and have kept the message of Righteousness by Faith from them which would actually change their hearts through the power of the Holy Spirit. They see the hypocrisy when Church is no different than the World- they hear people speak like Christians but not ACT like Christians.

You want the truth... there it is... plain and simple.
If they are lookin' at the outward appearance then they are lookin' at the wrong place.

Our churches ARE different in that when we sin ... we have an advocate with the Father. That is and should be the difference. Any false religion can have good works. That means little. What Jesus wants is a relationship with Him that includes going to HIM to ask forgiveness. That is what needs to be taught to our youth. Not a bunch of rules and teaching them to look to the behavior of mear men and women.

IT's that plain and simple.
Um, what rules are you talking about NHim? The message of Righteousness by Faith is not about rules...

But I will say as a recent "young person" (yes.. I'm s-l-o-w-l-y moving out of that category!) I am speaking from experience. I am tired of seeing the world in the church especially in the form of the music presented. If I want worldly music I will go to the world... I'm not talking about individuals being "worldly" because we come as we are... I'm talking about what the church presents.

Believe me, knowing about music.. many Christian entertainers are cheap imitations of what's out in the world.. they are not even original!! The youth can see through that and that this is a way of those in church trying to attract them to church... they see this hipocrisy and would rather be entertained by the world.
If you have an issue with music ... you need to fine a compatible church that reflects your preference. Otherwise ... if you can't get to another church ... I guess you will just have to try tolerance. It's not a matter of what Christ wants usually. It is usually a matter of personal preference. No way are you going to get ALL the music that fits your needs. We have to be inclusive and tolerant and allow some music that might not be our favorite. There will always be a gap between the young and old and conservatives and liberals. We just need to tolerate and love each other with respect.
That wasn't the point, NHim...

The point was that I believe because of my experience when I was young, that a lot of youth see straight through the hypocrisy of bringing worldly music into church... it's just a gimmick to get them to stay.

If Truth was presented, plainly and simply (i.e. the message of RBF) then I guarantee that there would be more interest in Church. Not all youth would stay but a lot more would...

What they are doing now is comparing entertainment with entertainment... and most of them prefer worldly... I did.
So true and so sad.... have you seen MsMS' thread titled "Faith What is it and What Does it Do for Us"? It talks about this issue...
This may not be the only reason, however many of our churches and church leaders fail to make changes to the programs, and the structure of the programs. I am not here suggesting that we need to change our rules our beliefs but at times we need to meet them where they are art, design programs to meet their needs. Today young persons like variety, yet some churches still follow the same structure every sabbath for example. This to the youth will quickly become boring. We need to employ some change, mix up the programs and ensure that they are always apart of. Involvement is key. If we keep the youth involved in planning and execution, then it they feel that they are a part of. This will help keep them on the inside.
About four years ago I was AY leader in my church. When we met as a committee we realized that 80% of the youth would not return for AY service in the afternoons. The very first sabbath during morning service, we informed everyone that AY would be in Cabrits, a very popular Fort - and natural reserve. That afternoon there were youth who I had not seen for months, and some who were not even there in the morning. Throughout the year, we had one sabbath in our church building and another out. Some of those out were spent on nature studies in nature, others were spent visiting the sick, or the community, while others were for evangelism. One thing that everyone enjoyed was the weekly quizzes where we gave them a few passages of scripture one week and had a test the following week. Both adults and youth participated. It became a very good competition and everyone started studying their bibles. At the end of the quarter we gave three gifts, for the top three positions.

Here is a secret. By mid-year we were spending two sabbaths in and then one out, yet the numbers remained. We had tapped into their interest and that kept them interested.
EXcellent. Thank you so much for sharing that. There is a lesson there for sure.
Well, the youth are really leaving the church - although I am sure some do. T

hose who leave, do so for various reasons; the main one I think is responding peer pressure. They want ot be cool like their friends , not realizing that their friends secretly admire them but don't know how to admit ot the facts.

Those who don't stay in the church leave for the same reason, brethren in the church appreciate them but don't know how to show they do.

We need to learn how to be leaders - better leaders than those who do the wrong things.
The youth are so eager to get out and do things together. We as a church need to assist and direct their paths. In our home we have the youth of our church over once a month. Probably not enough ... but that is what we do. We usually have between 15 and 20 young adults and teens in our house each time. Keeps us young. Ha ha.
Our prophet indicates that one of the greatest reasons our youth are having troubles is the reading of novels. Well now a days that would be the watching of novels.:

“Novel and storybook reading are the greatest evils in which youth can indulge. Novel and love-story readers always fail to make good, practical mothers. They are air-castle builders, living in an unreal, an imaginary world. They become sentimental and have sick fancies. Their artificial life spoils them for anything useful. They are dwarfed in intellect, although they may flatter themselves that they are superior in mind and manners“. 3T 151


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