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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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Good point Trench. We need to show to our youth that we are serious about solving current issues and not just looking to some future event. We must know God NOW.
And some of those issues might be?
Larger playgrounds? More interactive activities after sundown Sabbath? lol
Maybe they see the adults preaching it, but not living it?

That is so true. And another thing.When the youths are baptized we bring them to the church which is you and I and the pastor ect. You and I are not perfect and that is what some of the youths think the church is to be perfect in all its ways.So when they come and they see us sinning and what not just like everyone else they tend to think that it isn't any different from the outside world so they leave because it isn't different. But if we would bring them to Jesus and not to the chuch they would stay for a life time.
I agree :-)

So true Ashley Isaacs.

To add to the baptizing of the youths. after the youth enter the church, we forget that is when trial really starts cause satan wants to carry them back out there.
And just then is when they are alone. No one to really support or see them through the difficult moments. They turn then easily back to the world,where they receive the support.Although it ain't the right support.

Our churches need to keep them active, give them opportunity to do things in church. Help them and guide them.

And remember it is not only what you say is what counts, but how you act!!!
What a wonderful thought....... "If we would bring them to Jesus and not to the church, they would stay for a lifetime." Of course the church is meant to be a place of healing and restoration. I think at times though it's been more of a museum, a showcase of relics, things we once valued; no longer living aspects of our lives. But we do have the promise "Train up a child ....... Ever watched a sapling grow. If tethered to a stable, firm post, it will grow straight and not get blown over in the wind. "And when he is old (despite detours and exits perhaps), he will not depart from it." Prov 22:6
They need sorrow for sin through the Holy Spirit for this....
true and what else?
Be Self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. I Peter 5:8

Like pointed out before, youths are leaving because of a number of reasons:-
  • Peer pressure - Most of the youths in church have bad company, and they are influenced slowly by slowly they stop even attending church. If they surround themselves with godly people, they would escape temptations and find themselves most of the time soaking in the word of God, Prayer and fasting. Bad company leads them to cultivate love of the world, secular music, revealing and outward adorning attire.
  • Poor training from home or at church. When a member is baptized, he/she needs a well coordinated followup,but most of the time there's neglect, so the person gets freedom of doing what they used to do i.e. if the parents are not believers. New converts need to be thoroughly trained in the word, and spiritual growth programs have to be devised to make sure that the youth participate in them.
I've had occasion to listen to a preacher who can be labeled a 'conservative' Adventist. He quotes Ellen G White in most of his sermons and recites the Bible from his the top of his head. I'm talking of Randy Skeete. When we invited him to our church in the city for a camp meeting, young people did NOT leave church. In fact, we noticed that young people were quite eager to hear his deep messages.

Many young people are looking for entertainment and the church is not the place for that. The church should not conform to the world, that is the message Jesus gives to us. Sure, the church may lose some young people, but the ones (including older folks) looking for God (actually, it is God who looks for us) will find Him if they intend to.
He is not very conservative if he doesn't follow the counsel of our prophet:

"The words of the Bible, and the Bible alone, should be heard from the pulpit". Prophets and Kings, p. 626.


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