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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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Thank you for changing that Gabriel, it is very much appreciated.

God bless,

Why don't we try to be a little less abrasive in the way we speak to each other since we are all Christians. And since we are all Christians, we should remember that the Lord asks us not to place stumbling blocks in each other's way and if a picture is offensive to others then it should be removed.
(By the way this doesn't only apply to you, 4Him, it applies to everyone.)
In any case, the path of the just is like an every-brightening light and will grow continually until the Lord's return. I pray that all will yield ourselves to the life-changing power of the Holy Spirit and try not to get so heated in our replies to each other. That is a bit offensive to me. Thanks and God bless you all.
One would not be able to accomplish much of anything in this life if we caved in to every concern that came our way. The stumbling block is the way this was handled. This is the way that the youth etc are chased from church. Judgmental Adventism. I could tell you many a horror story. Just because one culture view something one way ... does not mean that that culture can impose itself on another.
Thank you Gabriel, I am pleased it is not something that has caused you to hold a grudge.

It is a genuine concern I have for you and others, in retrospect I suppose I coud have been a little more gentle and messaged you privately first with my concerns, for that I apologise and ask your forgiveness.

God bless,

It can be hypocrisy Trench, but it can also be a careful guarding against the church being infiltrated by the world.

An unconverted person coming into an unconverted church is never going to find Christ.

I think we have to maintain standards that reveal a Christ like spirit.

Turning a church into a night club is not doing that.

God bless,

Why is it hypocrisy?

The world has enough excitement and "emotional" appeal.

We should not try to give them that, we should try to give them Jesus.

We do not need to convert ourselves to the world, we need to be converted to Christ.

Looking at ways to "entertain" our youth, is falling into the trap of thinking that "entertainment" is how we reach the youth.

We will not reach them with a drum kit and we will not reach them with organ music.

We will only reach them with Christ.

The liberal and the conservative both have it wrong, if they are not abiding in Christ.

It is not about "music".

It is not about "entertainment".

It is about teaching our youth how to walk with God.

When we know how to do that, we will stop trying to impose drums or the other extreme of organ music, but we will lift our youth up into a personal walk with God.

Both sides think that if "their" way is followed, everything will be alright.

And this my friend is the biggest problem.

I sense you did not understand my post Trench.

I am disappointed that you feel it necessary to charge hypocrisy to it.

A living abiding relationship in Christ is what is needed.

Not Organ music or a drum kit in the corner of the church.

Will a drum kit remove the problem of unconverted Christians giving a bad witness?

Maybe if it is loud enough no one will have to think, so the unconverted behaviour will go unoticed?

We are not to be "popular" we are to be distinct, we are to be like Christ, He never sought "popularity".

If I am a hypocrite for saying that, then please point out the hypocrisy, as I do not understand how you have drawn that conclusion?

Our youth need spiritual food, not entertainment.

I don't believe the church should be blamed for the decisions that the youth make. If church members are unwelcoming and judgmental, then, that's a problem. However, at the last day each person will have to give account for his own actions. We will not be able to blame the church because the Holy Spirit works on us as individuals and we chose to go our own ways.
But Christ never told us to go to church and accept Him if we find a nice, welcoming church. He said, "Come unto me..." No, problems should not get worse in church, but no one can say I didn't answer the Holy Spirit's call because church wasn't welcoming. We are expected to choose life. There was no caveat when the children of Israel were asked to choose. There was no clause in the agreement that said it's alright to leave church if you don't like it. That's a lie from the devil.

OK. So God is going to ask what we did for the youth. But I don't think He's going to say to the youth who chose to deny Him, "Come in anyway since it was the church's fault." Let's stop fooling ourselves.
Good point Monique.
I appreciate your devotion. But I believe it to be true that if the church does not present the right image to our youth ... that the youth will not be accountable. If the youth reject the wrong image of God .... that is not rejecting God. That is rejecting the Devil. The youth have been presented with works based religion. And rightly ... they have rejected that kind of message and God. God knows the heart. And if they were presented the loving and correct image of God .... He knows what their response would be. And that is what they will be judged on .... Let's not fool ourselves. For God is a God of Love.
God is a God of love who will do everything He can to save all of us. If it is in a place where there are no Bibles from which the youth can learn who God is, then maybe I can understand your point. But I know God leads us to the right places and the right people and the Word of God, if we so choose to be led. There are many people who left the church in their teenage years and God finally reached them in their 30s, 40s, etc. We are led as far as we allow ourselves to be led. Let's pray for the youth that they will place themselves in God's hands once they decide to accept Him because then He can certainly show them who He truly is. He's got that kind of power.


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