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what do think are the reasons that our youth are leaving church?

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in my own experience (maybe I'm leaving..).. it's beacause the ppl of the church don't pay attention when some young is coming at church.... I'm new in a church.. but no body give me part or ask me who I am... then I'm bored in that church and some sabbath days I don't go there...
I am glad that you are hangin' in there Gabe. I appreciate your comment here.

But Let me disagree with you some what.

Your youth pastor may just have a justified concern about doing business with SDAs. I have been around the block a few times and can say that I pretty much avoid SDA like the plague. The potential for misunderstandings is great. And I would not want someone to lose their faith over 'business'. So, I would not bush a lot of SDA business unless you want discouragement.

From experience ....
Hey Bro!!! thks =).. you are right... I'll carry on going to church.. Jesus is our strength, no the ppl.. =)... GBY Bro ;)...
Hey ... I watch Doug most every Sabbath. He is cool.

But we DO need to wake up and provide good things for our youth.
yeah .. I think the same to you... sometimes we are not finding great things in church.. all is the same always... nothing new and nice... but I happen only in few church I think..
they get bored with the sermons. they cannot relate it to their life... the youth or even older member will be discouraged and think that it's better to stay at home or go somewhere rather than go to church..
it is also maybe because they have no friends and feel alone even though the church is crowded...this kind of situation may happen to the church in a city which have many members in it..
Hypocrisy they see in the church and in their own families.
Being taught doctrine at the expense of being shown a relationhip with the Lord
i think, our Adventist youth are losing their very own identity. What does that identity means? Why i say identity because each religion or denomination has their own identity like for example the Evangelical here in Malaysia, when they are having worship service, they use live band and fast music but when looking at Adventist worship, they are very slow, very solemn, very sacred, very conservatives and very old. i don't mean to demeaning our Adventist worship style or our ADventist youth worship but im talking each religion has their own identity. identity is important. how do you see it? is it important to you? young people?
So, every youth must ask themselves, about "Why i am Adventist YOuth and not Evangelical or Episcopal youth? Why? the significant WHY? keep asking that? and find the answers from everyone nearest you especially your Pastors.if the doesn't ask that question, Parents/Friends help your friends to find the answers by asking that question.

2nd question: What is the Adventist Church for you? 3rd Qstion: Have i a firm foundations on His words? Parents also should ask themselves about this questions.

i still have many more ideas but these are the first part. thanks and GOd bless...
Yes. If our youth were to use drums etc in our churches ... they might feel a little more upbeat and stick around.
Some say they they want 2 taste d world
I guess it depends on what youth go to church for.
Most youth go to church to be with their friends. If there is age appropriate music and atmosphere .... then more of their friends will be there. Hopefully the Word of God will be presented and some of it might rub off on them. It is like the fisherman who uses bait that the fish will like.


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