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Since I was in the virgin Islands of Andaman and Nicobar. I spent time by the sea shore
the sea always beckoned me. The very first Friday i sat by the sea and cried. I sang aloud the vesper-songs and prayed. Every day I wrote journal of my work, people & places I visited. This killed my "alone sickness". When I was struck with cerebral hemorrhage resulting in Left sided paralysis. that journal helped next person to transact the business with out hindrance. Pockets of interest, new contacts faith status, Travel plans, promises made for missionary visits were all meticulously recorded that helped the next man very much.
Some times I kept busy with adult literacy programs. this fetched new believers and good public relations in the society.

can I learn from your experience or ideas?

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Hi Dudley, thanks for your posts. I have noted your prayers requests too. We should keep strengthening one another through prayer
Hi otim:
Now I am city Church pastor in Bangalore Metro Polis. This city is it self a Local conference. My congregation has been worshiping in a adventist school class room for about 30 yrs!!! Most of the believers are from labor - class, slum dwellers, 40% of them Illitrates. They could not afford to raise funds.The Lord's hand is heavy on us. Now a big church 65' by 32' edifice is risen. By God's grace roof concrete will be laid coming week.But our funds are not enough.
We have nothing to fear for completing building project. The LOrd who led thus far will help complete this. Please send out Prayer request.- Pastor Dudley
well its also my problem..and you know what i do, im always having a talk with Jesus...I told him my happiness my loneliness my pain my problem.. I even cry and complain to Him..And it makes me felt i can say that His changing me...


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