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Some lay preachers are complaining that they should be paid by the church for their work as lay preachers. What do you suggest?

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i mean we all are children of the most high god, and i don't see why a lay preacher will want to be paid for preaching the gospel. if we love God and call ourselves disciples in preaching the word of God, i don't think money should be a hindrance or cause us not to preach God's word. it all pays in the end when our father will reward for what we have greatly accomplish in the end.
Well I am not so sure about this, this may be done if the Lay preachers are responsible for a group of SDA groups that assemble in different places under their wing. Something greater than this I think is needed. What should we preach most about while not forgeting the wider doctrines of The SDAC?

Christ is my favourite subject and I look to find Him throughout The Old & New Testament. In the case of Revelation, it concerns me that many a well meaning preachers and students of the word of God, spend a lot of time researching and preaching about THE MARK OF THE BEAST - THE FAULT & ENEMY OUTSIDE THE CHURCH (as it were) Yet how many can speak clearly and with great passion with more detail about - THE LAMB OF REVELATION!

As you know Revelation as a book as a certain pattern when it comes to numbers. Most themes are covered in 7's (i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6 & 7) to name a few...The 7 Churches, Seals, Trumptes & Plauges. But did you know that Christ is best revelaed or Christ reveals THE REVELATION OF ALL REVELATIONS in this book as THE LAMB 28 TIMES (i.e. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7 =28) Therefore Christ is The Expansion of Revelation and we read where Christ is present and where He is absent! he is spoken about more than The Father & The Holy Spirit & rightly so for the last book in the bible is it not THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST?

Rightly studied and understood, then even the theme of The 144,000 will find its correct and unfolding understanding, for only those who have an understanding with the desire to share The Lamb of Revelation more than any other theme in Revelation will not only be numbered with Him (Revelation 14: 1) Christ will seperate then to follow Him in glory everywhere He goes! (Rev 14: 4)

The closer to us we permit the plan of Salvation to take over our lives is the more The father's likeness will be fully stamped in our foreheads (Rev 14: 1) Who loves the plan of Slavation more than The Lord God Almighty? NO NOT ONE! Then if we love in Christ what The Father loves in Him, will we not become more and more like The Father (John 10: 18)

The Lift The Lamb higher, yes, higher still, until we find it is so easy to do God's will. As it was with Jesus in the days of His flesh, may it be for every preacher. No so much looking for opportunity to speak to the converted, i.e. where the majority in attendance belong to The SDA Church, but rather like Christ with the spirit of an apostle, may our greater delight be to proclaim the word of God among those who are potential SDA's working in larger-to-smaller groups, where our sermons will become shorter and the grouping will become increasingly more interactive, so that questions may be asked and we may minister much closer to others so that they may come to Repentance.

Food for thought!


thus the promise of The Spirit is the Priomise of Christ. For the Son of Divinity (Christ become Jesus) becoming and living as The Son of Humanity (Jesus - The Only Christ) is the greatest manifestation of The work of The Holy Spirit in human flesh! What The Father was able to do for Christ, he longs to do for every Christian SDA's (so that others may become Christian -SDA's after The Divine revealed and unfolding plan) Did not Christ say as The father sent me so send I you and breathed upon them His Holy Spirit? Then may He breath upon us The Latter Rain as he breathed upon them back then The Early Rain & who to tell, Christ may come in our life time!

Our Sister and Servant of God E G White said, " There is nothing that will help our spiritual life as The study of the life of Christ " (Search the web to find the quote as posted from the site with her countless quotes)

So the time has come and now is that we should all (1) Study The Life of Christ (2) Watch His every move (3) Note His every word (4) to see the positive effect he had upon others (5) desiring The same (6) that we may all enter into a relationship with Him, second to none (7) That we may live far closer to each other as SDA's and the potential SDA's as much as Christ desires to be close to us, that we may live closer still to Huim, as The father in heaven knows it is humanly possible - ready to live in the site of a Holy God, without a Mediator, i.e. to live without sin! Not that it is impossible to sin, but rather we will love Christ so much that we will refuse from sinning. Amen!

I will save more of my thoughts for the next time! What do you think? Spread it among the Pastors and lay preachers among which you have influence and see if the spirit behind these words will not bring about the long awaited Revival & Reformation that we read about. Without Christ, there will be no Revival and a Reformation will never take place. let us by faith open our hearts door to him (Rev 3: 20) so that he may do the work He longs to do among the SDA Church and The world at the same time. Then may we so live that when ever he comes we will be found ready. Amen!
for me preacers should not be paid by money ,but bless by god

if im a preacher i would not complain that the church should pay me

but instead i will be sastify in the smiles of the people that i make happy
like Jesus he heals,preach but because of his love to us he didnt complain for anything ,but instead he just smile
Well here in the Philippines, our invited lay preachers were given ample amount enough for their transportation allowance..other churches even give maybe depends upon the availability of their funds. Its ok to give out transportation allowances especially if you're going to invite lay preachers coming from far places.
But I suggests that we preachers of the Gospel of God should not think of the money we are going to receive nor expect for payment for our preaching. Because we have received that gift from God for free right? It is our God-given purpose.

I just can't measure the overwhelming happiness i felt after I have delivered the message of God and some called me Pastora..everyone shook my hand and told me that they were so blessed with the message.,some commented that they saw a ray of light all over me and my face was shining while i am! its priceless! And i praise God for that!

Isn't it enough reward for all of us preachers? We are so blessed that we have that gift from God...Let's not think of the monetary benefit that we can get from preaching but we need to be more concern on the benefit of working in His vineyard..leading people near to Him! Let's take the chance to shout it our loud to the whole world..JESUS ISCOMING! TELL THE WORLD! AMEN!

well some lay preachers do this for a living as they come out of a crusade they gone into another (they might take a week or so to rest) so i think we would just give them somthing (pay as some would say) since that is the only thing they do

mean while some just do it while they are in a next job

(althrough you will have some that just love money and think that in everything they must be paid)

Lay preachers been paid is not a yes or no thing BUT it all depends because some do it for a living while some don't ok.

preachers are not like pastors they are not employed by the church, they r workin for the Lord their salary is in heaven when Christ comes are again.


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