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One of the key teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is to preach the three Angels message but it looks as if we are afraid to preach the message. WHY?

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There are many reasons as to why we are toning down our voices in the proclamation of the Three Angels' Messages these days, but the key reason is that, we want to be accepted by the world. We don't want to be seen as "PECULIAR" people anymore. We don't to step on peoples' toes.
May be the second reasons is that, most of us do not even know what we believe anymore. Take a casual survey of the members of your local church to see how many of them really understand the cardinal points of our doctrines. Just ask the head elder to explain the main five unmovable pillars of the church (Sabbath, Sanctuary, Second Coming, State of the Dead, and Spirit of Prophecy), and you will be surprised to know that most of our so-called elders are just occupying their offices for prestige and not for their function of the office.
I am sorry to let you know that, even some pastors do not know our beliefs! Do l need to say more. May be next time. Thanks and God blessed.
Greetings bro. Amos and Lims

Praise the Lord for this comment that you make brother Lims, for it is a fact and sad truth about the condition of Gods church, the Seventh Day Adventist church. This is nothing new for throughout the history of the church has there been brethren that want to do their own way instead of doing just as the Lord has commanded us to do. We all know what took place in 1888, the Spirit of Prophecy makes mentioned. This very sort of thing, we remind our leading brethren, was precisely what occurred in the impious treatment accorded the message of 1888, when it was "slighted, spoken against, ridiculed,... rejected," and "denounced as leading to enthusiasm and fanaticism." -- Testimonies to Ministers, p. 468. Would that that experience never be repeated. Sadly, though, the Spirit of Prophecy says:

"The light which will lighten the earth with its glory will be called a false light.... We entreat of you who oppose the light of truth, to stand out of the way of God's people. Let Heaven-sent light shine forth upon them in clear steady rays. God holds you, to whom this light has come, responsible for the use you make of it. Those who will not hear will be held responsible; for the truth has been brought within their reach, but they despised their opportunities and privileges." -- Review and Herald, May 27, 1890.

I that not just you brother Lims but that every Seventh Day Adventist know, live and proclaim the 3rd Angels message. Just the leaders of Israel led the people to sin in Shittim, like wise should the leaders of today lead Gods people to exalt the standers of the Lord.

"Men...through selfishness...crowd down the very ones whom God is using to diffuse the light He has given them...Satan's skill is exercised....He works to restrict religious liberty....Organizations...will work under Satan's dictation to bring men under the control of men; and fraud and guile will bear the semblance of zeal for truth and for the advancement of the kingdom of God....such men assume to exercise the prerogatives of God -- they presume to do that which God Himself will not do in seeking to control the minds of men. Thus they follow in the track of Romanism.... In such arrangements the man who allows his mind to be ruled by the mind of another is thus separated from God and exposed to temptation....but God has plainly set it before us. He says, 'Cursed be the man that trusteth in man and maketh flesh his arm. -- Testimonies Vol. 7, pp. 179, 180, 181, 178.

God be with you brethren

Well what does The Three Angel's message say? Well many may think that The Three Angel's messages are not preached in the way we like to hear it, yet in general it is preached and practiced by many who are Christians and Seventh-day Adventist at heart, yet as we are drawn closer to Jesus, or see the unfolding of Christ under the increasing influence of The Spirit of God among us, the Three Angel's message shall move in the light of Proverbs 4: 18 with John 16: 13 to 15.


How are the messages simply put?


1st Angel message with a load voice is designed to arrest and be heard by every one that can see the flying of the angel John saw. With the Everlasting Gospel all are called to worship the Creator of Heaven on earth, therefore the 1st Angel's Message is a Christ Centred message, for The new Testament writers under the influence of The Holy Spirit throwing greater light on the writings of the Old Testament identifies Christ as The maker of heaven and earth without whom Creation would never begin (See John 1 - 4, 10 & 14; Col 1: 12  - 16; Eph 3: 9; Rev 3: 14 with Genesis 1: 1 - 31; 2: 1 to 3; Ps 24: 1; Ecclesiastes 12: 13 & 14 7 Nehemiah 9: 6 - 14) noting that the 4th as well as the 2nd Commandments are the most detailed of all the commandments, then by keeping the 4th Commandment we show that we are in favour of the 2nd Commandment, Thus the call to worship and put Christ first, is a departure from all idolatry and the worship of iniquity for God will vindicate the obedient and punish all idol worshiper who refuse to honour God through rejecting The 7th day Sabbath of The Lord as outlined in the 4th Commandment. This is good news for the righteous but the worse news for the ungodly who refuse to listen to the 1st Angel's Message.


The 2nd Angel's Message is to call worshipers out of Babylon. We cannot understand this Message without see how this message was first given in the writings in Isaiah and Jeremiah. The Babylon of The Old Testament (O/T) was nothing more than a kingdom of idol worshipers with the king seen as visible representative of god on earth. Babylon was the head and champion of all nations of idolatry, even though God used it under the time of Nebuchadnezzar to accomplish His will upon His erring people, God long promised to bring Babylon down to the ground and that it shall never be rebuilt. So the call to come out is like that which Abram received from God to go out of the city and community of idol worshipers, for in the pride of idolatry, the human nature become more fallen into sin and segregation, disease & delusion, suffering, persecution, oppression selfishness, separation and death.  Therefore in keeping the 2nd commandment we are made ready to keep the 4th commandment and  by rejecting the 4th commandment we are nothing more than idol worshipers refusing to depart from the iniquity which brought about the destruction of Ancient Babylon inn the first place. All who love Christ with all their heart, love Him as their Creator-Redeemer, will obey God as Abram did, become his children of faith, learn to worship God that through Sabbath keeping preserved within the heart, will keep the soul away from all idolatry and we shall take to heart the words written by Paul in 2 Tim 2: 19; 1 Cor 10: 12 - 14 with 1 Cor 3: 16 & 17; 6: 19 & 20 & Titus 2: 12 to 14.


The Third Angel's Message...


Is a warning against anyone who worships the Beast and His image. Looking at that in the light of the Ten Commandments namely the 2nd & 4th Commandment, the most detail of The Commandments, the 2nd being the 1st of the most detail Commandment & the 4th being the last of the most detail of Commandment. Now the 2nd forbids the worship of any other but God the Creator of heaven and earth and how we are to do this while the 4th ask us to remember The Creator of heaven and Earth and that all working persons and animals are to rest as God rested from His work.


No if implies that a choice is given to choose the Creator or put another in its place and the 3rd Angel speaks with a loud voice against those who God measures as idol worshipers. Here we see that the idolatry is double worse (1st) The worship of The Beast (2nd) worship the Beast image, so double idolatry, courts double trouble and a mark of idolatry within hand or forehead, so the Beast is worshiped twice just as, the ancients worshiped the sun and made images of the sun as they transgressed the 2nd Commandment. So linking The Third Angel's Message (Rev 14: 9 to 11) with Exodus 20: 4 - 6 the 2nd Commandment, God's promise to visit the iniquity of the fathers out of His righteous jealousy as it relates to the 3rd Angel's Message is the promise to pour out his wrath without mixture (The seven plagues) God promises to punish this double trouble as no idolatry has been punished before. The rejection of all three messages, has led to idolatry in the light of the first two Commandments in God's Law leads to the rejection to the 1st Commandment outright. God's final punishment of sinners called the seven plagues is as much the rejection of the 2nd Commandment as it is the rejection of the 4th Commandment, the most detail of Commandments and therefore a rejection of all Ten Commandments as a whole.


The Beast of Dan 7 seeks to change times and laws, which in relationship to The 2nd Commandment and the 4th Commandment, the 2nd is removed altogether & the 4th is undermined by restricted the scope and details of how it should be kept. The Beast sheds the blood of the saints (Dan 7: 25; 12: 7; Rev 11: 2 & 3; 12: 6 & 14 & Rev 13: 5) as Manasseh killed the righteous ones throughout all Jerusalem (See 2 Kings 21: 1 to 16) This is the cruelty of idolatry, seeking to control the minds of men through the fear of punishment as we read in Dan 3 and Rev 13. The change of times changed the day from sunset to sunset to midnight to midnight and  the change of laws removed the 2nd altogether and shifted the 4th Commandment shrinking its detail in the process therefore both the more detail Commandments of God according to human interpretation has been moved out of the way. Rejecting the 1st Angel's message in the light of These things, both the 2nd and the 4th Commandment will be rejected outright, so as idol worshipers The Sabbath will be rejected and any who would not be classed with idol worshipers, yet reject the invitation to accept the everlasting gospel that comes with the good news of God's judgment upon idolatry as it were, are seen by God as no less an idol worshiper by worshiping as did Cain, who whose worship was was rejected by God first in choosing to worship God according to his own reasoning and not according to revelation. Yes to reject The 4th Commandment will be seen by God at that time to be the greatest act of idolatry ripe for the the visit of such iniquity as the jealously of God has reached a level as never before, that out of wrath and with no further interest in humanity who rejects the final call of mercy, the punishment of idolatry will be second to none!


So to sum it all in the light of the Most detailed of Commandments those who accept the everlasting gospel will depart from the iniquity of idolatry in all its forms and will keenly remember the 4th Commandment no less, but to reject the 1st Angel as much as rejecting the 1st Commandment, " You shall have no other gods before me" and that idol worship of the reason behind idolatry does not lift humanity to a  high plane, but lower the human nature that will provoke the wrath of The God of Heaven & Earth, who out of jealously for His name will visit the iniquity of The Beast & its image and all those who are found worshiping them both, which leads to the rejection of the 4th Commandment. If these two most detail of Commandments are rejected God's law is now seen in an imbalance way and humanity is stooped into deeper level of idolatry so low that God cannot raise the sinner out of it. This will lead to the rejection of the 4th Commandment that God's Law as a whole will be rejected out right, for it is impossible to keep God's law for by keeping one all other nine are kept, but by rejecting one be it the 2nd or the 4th the first and last of the most detail of God's Commandments, the commandments of The Lord are broken individually in the sight of God.


In short here is the good news according to Rev 14: 12 all those who have a share in all three angel's message, will be found by Christ as keepers of all the commandments of God having the faith of Jesus, Amen! therefore if we are keeping the commandments of God having the faith of Jesus then we are preaching the Three angel's message.


Our problem as Seventh-day adventist, is that we tend to preach this message to ourselves, mainly to those who have heard this message before and very little is done to preach it to those outside of the church. Fewer attend church in the week days than are in attendance on Sabbath days and fewer are involved in personal evangelism and would rather attend public evangelism, where most of our baptisms come through public evangelism, be it in the church a hired hall and very few are converted to join the church through most of the members going out of their way to introduce Christ to the public from house to house, door to door, place to place, person to person ministry, irrespective of their culture background or the language that they speak. Let there be a revival of true godliness & the three angels messages will be preached and practiced among ourselves and the world at large, then the church will be seen as an angel come down from heaven with the light of heaven that lights up the whole earth with the heavenly glory! Amen! (See Revelation 18: 1  - 4)


So in the light of these things are we afraid to preach the three angel's message, no! Yet as we continue to live in the light of these messages they shall become plainer and we shall see things in it which we had never seen before. May we be so Godward, so that when ever God moves upon the hearts of humanity, we shall have the seal of God fully restored to the image of God in the likeness of Christ, where without sin, no trace of idolatry will be found within us and the heart is free from all iniquity, Amen!






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