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First my name is Emile, and i am glad to be here on this site with you......Why there is so many single men and women in the SDA churches,and almost no much marriages are taking place?

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Beautifully  said  my  Sister!!!!!!!!!!

thank you sist....God blessed you...:)

We all have some personal reason why we are single.But the discussion is about.....Why there are so may single men and women,in our churches    and not much marriages are taking place?Would you answer it because God want it this   way? Because God want us single with him  for a longtime,then he will send us a partner..Or they are some major essues, why so many are not getting married this days?The  God of the Genesis is still the same,he said,it is not good for man to be alone.And he did not wait years to give Adam a MATE.

hmmmmm....can you help me to founds how old Adam meet and get married with Eve and how old Adam when they first son (cain) was born

when i read the Bible on Genesis 4:1 and Adam knew Eve his wife; and she conceived, and bare Cain

and read on Genesis 5:4, and the  days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years

may be Adam already 200 years or 300 years old when cain was born? i don't know i am not found yet on Bible...

and i don't know how long Adam wait Eve after God created Adam. but what i know from Bible, we read on

Genesis 2:20, And Adam gave names to all cuttle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field, but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him.

means, God give Adams works first, give him responsibility before meet Eve

as long as i know in my church that not because they don't want to get married, that just because we not meet our partner yet....when i have some one in my life and he is come from God, i will get married....that's what God's want from us, cause not good for man to be alone.

Good blessed

All  the  time.  God's  time  is  always  the  best  time.

absolutely agree with you sist....God is good all the time and His time always the best time...:)

Do you think God want people to remain single for this years,or we human contributed to the matter.?

God  wants  us  to be  marry  I  believe. He  said  it  in  his  word.  This  is  so  powerful  I  believe.  After  God finish  creating , it is always  ending  somewhere  with  the  word  good  in the sentence. When  he  realized  Adam  was alone, he  said  it is  not  good  for  man  to be  alone

No...God said there is not good for man to be alone....and for my self, i don't like to be alone also...but i can't push my self to marry some one with my decision only...i give it all to my God...i trust Him and He will give me the good one for me, but i don't know when...

Could it be because of our selective criteria,we cut short our blessing,?could it be God already send so many potantial Mate to us,but the shoice of God do not feet our criteria? Is human being can be their own stambling blocked.I am just asking the question,for i do not have the answer myself,all i know something is wrong.......There is.. a crisis...and everyone have to attends to it.For many of our members are EPERIENCING THINGS OUTSIDE THE CHRCH.WHAT? IS THAT...TRUE?......YES....IT...IS......WOW.?

I  dont  think  that  had  happen  to  me  Emile. I  believe  that was  is for  you ,  you will  have  it.

I believed that manythings were there,made for us,and we came sort of them because of our humanity took over.Meaning,we do not always get what it was mainted for us,for our nature often gat the way of our blessing.See,Israel supposed to enter the Land of canaan sooner,but,the humanity of the people took over them,cause their blessing to be cut off,and stayed in the dry desert land for a longer period of time.Today,it is not any better,our wants,and desires,can be a stumbling block in the process of our happiness.We need to completly surrounder to God,forget, what we want,and take what God gives us,and we will see how the solution is simple....


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