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I turned 36 almost a month ago and after going through the severe hardship that I went through for 3 years without a home, I'm doing well in a new place but after almost 10 months in a new home, i'm still struggling in getting back to my feet. Work is there but I'm getting closer to my goals. I have accomplished a lot of goals but not that quite there yet. 

God designed man to be with a woman. So at the age of 36, why am I still single? Why is it so hard to f ind someone here in the United States, why marriage isn't that important to some Adventist?

Just to be clear, I highly reject LDR with people from other countries so don't even send me a friends requests. Plus, I don't just date anyone. 

I'm an independent person but human affection is extremely important. to me. I expect marriage to be tough, with challenges, mis understandings, I know that already. 

I do have friends but hate being alone. 

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Happy Sabbath Gabriel,

Not all the time what persons want or need will be granted to them at a time that they think they want and need it.

This is to say, God's time is different from man's time. 

And what you can do is to fast and pray about the situation.

Take care and God bless.

Hi Gabriel

First a belated happy birthday.
i Have to agree with Bess, but would like to add.
I think there are a lot of men out there who are asking the same question, God why am i still single, where is that special person, God you say man should not be alone, well.
Well i know i have. And over the years what God has shown me told me (that small voice) you need to get your life  and spiritual life in order. The thought would come to me. " would it be fair to that woman to bring her into your life: when i thought about it. well, no, then matt 6:33. would come to mind. Thank You God.

Take care and God bless 

Hi Bess and Col, Thanks for the responses. 

From the last time that I've been here, I've been keeping myself super busy. I landed in the hospital earlier this month but i'm doing better. For the past weeks it has been challenging with my work and overwhelmed with depression. But taking action by talking to the right kind of people help me feel better. My motivation is there but letting God take control so i'm going to let God.

hi Gabbriel

so to here that you landed in hospital but praise God that you are doing also good to here that you are letting go and letting God. I do wont to be negative. and apologize if it seems that way.  But the reality is that when when let God. the devil will up his game to keep us down. but we have a all power God. and know problem is bigger than Him. i heard a quote a couple of weeks ago. something like this: " dont tel God how big our problem is but let our problem how big our God is."

I prayer you continue to move in a forward upward direction. remember one day at a time.

Take care and God Bless

 But the reality is that when when let God. the devil will up his game to keep us down.

Hi Col, You are absolutely right, i'm not going to argue with you because it's so true. Every time I let God, something or a challenge arises so the devil is doing everything in his power to defeat me. I do get upset and discouraged but I do have the motivation to keep going. Giving up is never the answer. 

This is a training for my possible preparation for marriage. So the single people you may want to listen to this. Marriage is not about romance but having the strong foundation to overcome challenges is the key to success.

This is the reason why im still single. Whenever we have this kind of conversation, it somehow turn them off because they have the pre-conceive notion that marriage is about not being sincere, honest. They have the mindset that marriage is supposed to be a problem free and pretend that everything is perfect when it's truly not. Adventist's should realize that in a godly marriage, God is going to let the devil do his work to test our faith in God. Sadly, most people don't understand this concept.

Job is a perfect example.

Don't apologize, you are speaking truth! 

Hello Gabriel, I hope you are feeling better in health.
I want to say with respect to your question, not only is a concern of men, I think of women too, especially after 35. Draw a plan to reach your goal as you have achieved your professional projects, sometimes we only focus on one area of ​​our life and lose sight of the others waiting for God to take charge, when it is a matter of personal decision, Rebekah was not forced to go, she decided, the wisdom comes from God and Eliezer asked, he drew up a plan, he observed and did, let's say he was creative :) Today we can not just stand in the role of Isaac (praying and waiting for the wife, great!), But we have to take the role of Eliezer: pray, draw a plan, find a place, observe, speak, to investigate, do you understand? (in how much time, where, how to do it, with whom)
Do not get discouraged, keep busy in your activities and also outline a plan for your personal goal. I think both genders can do it .. ha ha
no doubt it is an important project, difficult, sometimes painful, but I believe you can achieve it with the help of God.
I reflected on this by a reading that I heard today in the Youth society, reading of a book called in Spanish "Desafía tus límites" (Challenge your limits).
Hope I can cheer you up :)


Thank you so much. As a matter of fact, i'm keeping myself busy ;) I finished doing work for a client in the morning and i'm currently waiting for my next client plus I have an appointment tomorrow. Keep me in your prayers. 

In the professional field I think you are doing very well. But, I was talking about a Plan for the personal life (look for love).

Of course, I will be praying for you.

I wish you success! God bless you in all, my friend.

Good Question, I'm thinking of a plan while I keep on recovering myself. My living situation has been solved from the last place I was but i'm heading in a better direction. I wish you success, thanks for the encouragement. 


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