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Ok so I've searched the questions in this group and I haven't seen what I'm looking for or what I need to know!

So my Question is this..... What has Happened to Our SINGLE Men in the SDA Church!?

It is becoming such an issue for We Women in the SDA Church  who still hope to be Married and I'm not really seeing this issue being Addressed!

The Age Group I'm referring to is........ 25-40 years old!

I have realised that if you do mention the "Singles" word in a conversation we as "Singles"have a problem because everybody in the church act like your not supposed to be lonely if you are a christian..........

Why don't we have any organized way of finding a spouse?

When I have spoken to various Women on this site from around the World I thought the Issue was Mainly in the UK but I am now noticing that there is a WORLD WIDE FAMINE!!!

How long must WE stay on this Dry Desert Island!!!!

We have this group on here But is Anybody really MINGLING??

What Hope do we have as Single Women still waiting in the Pews..........

I know many will come with a Biblical point of view which I've heard so many times before but can we just be REAL !!!!!!! if you understand what I'm saying

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My thought for this is not were are the men because that is true. Because most of the men are either Homosexuals, in jail or in the streets. But what about the maybe one or 2 single men that are in the church sometimes we just get looked over it is sad but it is true. yes we should try to find out were are the men in our church  but sometimes  you might have a single man in your church but-just look over him and same with the woman we are looking outside our churches and the person that culd be our potential mate is right under our noses some times. so yes were are the single men lets take a look and see what we find. as I said in the beginning is that most of our men between 25 and 40 are still in jail turning to gangs or becoming Homosexuals so that is were most of our single men  between 25 and40. and now we need to work on them and pray that they come to the knowledge of God and come into the church but as I said also let us not forget about the single men that may be reach the age limit but  maybe not the criteria don't look them over they may be the very ones that you look over



Yes I hear that Anthony.....but in the case of NO MEN  there is no one then to over look back on!!!


I don't really see the issue of Homosexuality in the churches here but the issues of gun crime, gangs and basically living a double life! don't wanna judge but that's what I see, one foot in and one foot out of the church!!!!!!!

Did not mean in the church but about homosexuality but out sideso then whenwe try to getthem in the church they are already living alifestyle that is not right but thats why we cannot get some men out of that


The  reason many of our sisters are having a hard time to find a man in SDA church, it is because the Majority of them have a too long List,and their standard are way too high.I used to be very ,very selective,and my list was geater than the distance between heaven and earth.But the Lord show me discrimination was in my soul,and i needed to let it go.I can not ask anyone to have all the good qualities that i do not have myself.Misis perfect or mister perfect do not exist.We are all full of alot of things?We all have some strange baggages,all we need is someone who can deals with our short coming.Now my prayer is simple,Lord i need a mate,you know my caractor better than myself,gives me someone who can deals with my caractor.Someone who Loves you first and me second,a true conservative SDA member.Someone who will not waiver on the truth on me.Just a simple poor girl,who is faithful to you, and who will be faithful to me too.It took  me a long time for the Lord to break my york,and bring me to that simple conclusion.Now Lord  whatever you send to me,i will take.How many time we pray for a mate,and when the Lord sent her or him to us we say "Hoo...Lord not this one"So, the  Lord said you know what?now you are in your on, for my choice is never going to be yours.And that is the reason there is so many Divorce in our Churches.I already have in mind who i want and if the Lord send me the contrery something is worng with him.May God help us to understand what i am saying here.Let the Lord choose for us and we will see the right person has always  been under our noze,but prestige,pride ,aristocracy have stop us to  see him or her.

I  don't  agree  with  you. All I want  is  someone  between  30 -39. Never  been  married, no  kids, has  a  Job,  has   good  moral  values  and  love  the LORD. That  all.

stacy,we are here to be agree or disagree.However,i have to say you are one of the exception,or you have not listen to some of the women are there.But we are men,who are getting all the names calling,homos,gansters,waste ben,etc...If we want to solve the Problems in the SDA church,we have to know the deep roots of the problems and identify the problems.Is that make sence with you.Now we call for straight talk.You want a man and just a man that is fair enough,i have to say i am proud of you.But here the problem in your case,you have "Limitation  issue" You have the right  to desires,and expectations and this ok too. But when you set an age group of such, then you cutted out many people and your chances to find your age group is very,very narrow.In your age group keep in mind,there is alot of competition. and in those men who remained in age group may not want you.For i discover one vanity among many,those want do not want,those you do not want want you,and among them could be the bestone for,.I have personnally this problem and God help me to change attitude And you have stablished this fact there is more Ladies than men in the SDA church,than there are men.Therefore my dear, you need to get rid of this age group thing for you cutting ,shorted your blessing,for you are shutting in your own foot,and diminished your chances of found your man,which can be right under your noze.The competition is tuff are there.Men have more choices in this matter than women,and if you luck up yourself in age group,then you are in trouble.Also you forget God in the process,he might wants someone responsible and older for you,have you thought about that? God do not see the way we see ,you know.And let me tell you there is no garanty in younger and older men,or ladies,it is a taboo among SDA women now,they want younger men or someone not to old for them, for they think there is more garanties in everything,and i mean every thing,but that is not true,Remember older pots make better soup,trust me on that,exprience count.Do not trust or listen to those smarts saying,which are not that smart anyway,do not settle for less.You are in the borderline,Time is Running out for us all.Opened your eyes,look around you the one for you may not be very faroff from you and God send it for you do not send it away,discriminated against it,because it does not fitting your critria.Stacey some of the best marriage,relationship in the history of man kind,happened between people they thought they have nothing in common,or people they never dreams of getting marry to.Be a woman of no barriere or frontiere,God bless you always.

why never married before?

Cherry, not seeing you lately. Are you ok? I sent you a friend request kindly respond. I have something of interest to share with you.

Hi everyone,i have been long enough in the SDA church to know a little what is going on.As a man in the SDA  church you are intersted in a sister in the church you are never good enough for her.either you do not have enough Education,money,position,you are not a pastor,they have  more educated than you,etc....And if you get all they have on their list,you here that often you guys i do not full around with you in the church, you are not good,the men outside are better than you.Conclusion, many of our sisters,are messing around with men outside of the SDA church.And you ask them, why, you are doing that? They answer is, there is no good men or no men left in the SDA church,excuses,excuses and lies of satan Traps.

amen bro

Hi Cherine


I have heard this many times myself. Trust me, it can take a while. There is a lot of filtering (scammers etc.) and there are insincere people in this church just like any other. I know it sounds trite and tired but I have to say that as a person who had similar experiences and who has been on several sites, it takes time. Prayer is also important.


Good Luck!


Thank You Leighton.....much appreciated....PRAYER IS DEFINITELY THE KEY!!!


then some would say "then how long should I been praying for"

will God ever answer my Hearts Desires...... and are we even praying the right prayer!!!!!!??????

what should we be praying?


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