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Ok so I've searched the questions in this group and I haven't seen what I'm looking for or what I need to know!

So my Question is this..... What has Happened to Our SINGLE Men in the SDA Church!?

It is becoming such an issue for We Women in the SDA Church  who still hope to be Married and I'm not really seeing this issue being Addressed!

The Age Group I'm referring to is........ 25-40 years old!

I have realised that if you do mention the "Singles" word in a conversation we as "Singles"have a problem because everybody in the church act like your not supposed to be lonely if you are a christian..........

Why don't we have any organized way of finding a spouse?

When I have spoken to various Women on this site from around the World I thought the Issue was Mainly in the UK but I am now noticing that there is a WORLD WIDE FAMINE!!!

How long must WE stay on this Dry Desert Island!!!!

We have this group on here But is Anybody really MINGLING??

What Hope do we have as Single Women still waiting in the Pews..........

I know many will come with a Biblical point of view which I've heard so many times before but can we just be REAL !!!!!!! if you understand what I'm saying

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Thank you Emile...i appreciate the blessings. Solutions?...hmmm...they are there, more simple than we think am sure. It starts with us as individuals. 

So Lean,I guest what you are saying let everyone individually search unto themeselves,see what is not correct in their character,and make adjustment by God grace.Yes that is an starts.But should we hold church's forums motr often on the subject?May God continues to bless you,and bring to you the happiness you so deserved.

Hey Andy...  There are many singles camps.  One that I know of is at Camp Mivoden in Idaho.  There is a singles group in Spokane Washington....  I am not sure where you are....  yep... it is tough.....

I totally agree with u Cherry, I am a single 29 7th Day Adventist lady, just looking for the right guy, I dated a guy for a yr who was born again, and although it DID last for a year and we really were into each other, it obviously wasn't "Meant To Be" and since then while I have found other guys, I have had a hard time finding a guy who is 7th Day Adventist, and on here, I can't seem to find an Adventist from Connecticut, and I can't drive, I am disabled.

Normally nowadays in 2019 women are doubles of men and most of them if you show interest they just ignore you xD. I wonder every day ALL these Adventist sites are just to show beautiful, good, and some times sexy picture to be liked by many or are we looking for that person God has for us? And, is that one I want the same God wants?

Hello and here I be. Listen to this song and follow it to your destiny of true love.

I hope my message finds you in lovely spirits. Can you appreciate communicating with a friend in the US?  Al ur pal.

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