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Hi guys... What is teacher? And why do we need to become a teacher? Or if you are not teacher, so what do you thing we need a teacher?

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For me, it is my desire to work with kids, teaching them about the love of Jesus. It is so exciting to share them the songs and stories about Jesus.. You can see the twinkle in their eyes.. Teaching is one way to share the message to the kids and with their parents..
Yes... That's right viol... I have experience it when I was a child long ago...
I became a teacher to work with children. I teach in Public school and it amazes me to see the needs that my students have. I pray for them, I cannot teach them about religion due to separation of church and state, but I do tell them about my religion when they ask! I have always liked working with youth and kids, so teaching was the appropriate choice for me. There is no better feeling for me than to see them understand a new concept in the classroom those "aha" moments are just amazing. I was just laid off from my permanent position but I am substituting again and I truly hope that wherever God sends me I will be able to be a good example of his character.
teaching is said to be "the noblest of all professions". We, teachers, should be proud of this calling, for many are called, but few are chosen
Its nice and assuring to hear that Hazel its an opportunity to teach.


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