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so many times we get into relationships with non Adventist and we expect God to work in us and help the relationship work. but that's not what we should be doing , we need to unit with the people that has the same belief as us................ I'm also looking for an Adventist partner, i seen no point in trying to be with someone who's non christian  

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why? i think god would be happy if we would try to share the love of god and open up to someone what seventh day Adventist practices have. tell the truth and explain the reality to your non christian partner....''

god really know if u can be an instrument to non christian; god had a very special way.'' we  still need to pray if we get into relationship with non Adventist.............  

thank u brother, i understand what your trying to say...

i just raised that comment from my friend whose explaining her part in your topic..but personally i my self is looking too same belief that would fit me,because i know it would really be a great blessing when your together." your right i agree but i want to ask this question  how about those persons who had been involve to none Christians and they find their self successful and converted the man/woman they love?. did really god working on their relationship that's why they end up united in their religion?

god bless u too

Honestly speaking I have seen two people at church bring their spouses to church (non adventist people)

Its easier for a man to bring a woman along to church but the other way round is difficult.


I dont think there is anything wrong with praying for a relationship even when we know for sure that our partner is a non Adventist. We have to consider why did we got into that relationship at the first place. Dont you think that relationship may be one of God's way to reach the unbeliever? God works in many different way anyway. As for myself, I will continue to pray for God to intervene in the relationship. I will pray for God to help my partner to know Him. 

But of course before we get into that kind of relationship, we have to be firm in our belief ourself. If not, how do we bring our partner to God? 


Do u mind to summarise the content? The important points of course.

So the point is we as an Adventist is born to be a missionary, even though we have relationship with non- Adventist, don't miss the opportunity to Share Jesus and His life, and I know their is nothing impossible with God unless you trust Him that you can lead her to Christ.

I think it would be better to pray for the wisdom to guide them to him rather than abandon them? Some people do come to God when their potential partner teaches them about him. My friend's husband is now a seventh day adventist and he had never been to church before he met her. Obviously if someone refuses to get to know Him then the relationship cannot work. But i can't throwaway a chance because they aren't SDA from the start.


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