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 Hi'..every one.for me its so hard to find a true love',i been in a relationships before i thought he is the man  iam looking for in my life but things happened that we need to set us free for some reason i love him so much more than myself'but he choose to be alone thats why i let him to be alone as i respect him,and ofcourse to proved to him that i really love him'even it was so hard for me ,i cry many times for him and im not ashamed to share it to any one here,because he really meant to me,i want to take care of him forever but now i cant do this anymore'its hard to think that he dont love me as the way iam to him',but still im happy coz i understand him in everything',all i wish for him is to be happy'hope he can find a good women for him,..and hope someday i can find a good man for me'too who can love'.I know that there is no permanent thing in this world and i have to be open in that',..

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We all ask our self that same question over and over but we first have to love our self before we love someone else and plus God. We all felt in love,too but we had to let that person go but we learn from our mistake and that make us strong today. You will find someone but that might take time but you need time to get over the person cause if you rush into a relationship. All that relationship is going to be is a rebound and you don't want or need that. Pray to God and ask him to send someone your and wait on the Lord blessing.

I feel for you, Julie, because you really seem like a hard lover like myself. But I want you to really focus on the fact that no mortal man can love you as much as God loves you, and you can't love this man more than Jesus does. Give this over to Him, and He will make your path straight! I want you to really focus on your relationship with Jesus, because He is there in this time of your brokenness, and in our weakness, He is made strong. When searching for true love, you must look to the one who originated it!

The Bible says that the Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves their crushed spirit! Remember Matthew 11:29-30, for His yolk is easy and His burden is light. Fix your eyes on Jesus, and the storm around you will grow dim, Julie! I know from personal experience of loving a girl so hard that my spirit was broken, but as I began to focus on Jesus, I started to forget about my pain. In this time of your brokenness is the perfect opportunity to be filled. Don't waste your pain, but let it make you stronger! God knows you and this man's heart, so you need to trust Him! Also read Psalm 139, it really puts things in perspective. God created you, so He knows the perfect man for you. Rest assured that God will work this out for your good (Romans 8:28), as long as you put your hope in Jesus, and not in any man, no matter how much you might love him, because man is imperfect. Make Jesus your true love, and you'll find joy and fulfillment, I promise! 

And when you cry, cry out to Jesus, because he is there! And through this time, you also need to place a lot of emphasis on praising him, because He inhabits the praises of His people, and in His presence is fullness of joy. Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness! So sing to the Lord anytime you feel a heaviness coming on, because He will envelop you in His love!

Also, have you heard of the movie, 'The Encounter'? There's a part in it that really helped me through my last heartbreak. Here's a Youtube link: I hope you can watch it in your country, 'cause I know there are certain restrictions concerning Youtube.

I hope this helps you, Julie, and I'll be praying for you as you go through this rough time, but remember that Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you, so don't forget to cast your cares on him! God bless, and I hope to see your spirit renewed! :)

In order to love, we must first love God, ourselves and our neighbours. The Lord didn't say love only those who go church to church with or share the same belief but to love everyone as one especially our enemies. When you can do this then love will be a little easier for you to find but someone we are put to a test of strength and faith.

julieian..guess you need to pray..4 sure ur gonna get d best..God know wats gud 4 u:)

I agree because pray is the answer. Love yourself as thy neighbour can also help you/us find love.

Hi madam,am very pleased with your sincere hart.Remember that in live there are ups and down,i.e life is never smooth.If you really love that guy,keep on loving him maybe one day one time God will bring him back to you.DONT LOOSE HOPE.NEVER SAY DIE.

Hi.... to me i believe 100% that true love exists in this sinful world if and only if God is the only one who leads the way and not ones feelings and thoughts, the problems is that we design lovers with perfect qualities including manners while we ourselves we aren't of such kind, how can it be? expecting true love, ooou! its sounds like ridiculous to me    

when I and my 5 yrs fiancee broke up I feel devastated too..

good thing God has blessed me with God-fearing friends and not to mention they are my 

choirmates too..our church pastors has been advising me too and giving words of encouragement 

so I can cope up fastly..I can't say I'm perfectly fine now after the break up but I can definitely say

I'm happy while I'm waiting for the right person that God has prepared for me..

If our previous relationship failed that only means they are not yet for us and God has

better things in store for us..we just have to wait patiently..

I have a philosophy while I'm below..

I'm waiting for the day when I hear you say my Lord "Her is the one I have created just for YOU"

and while I'm waiting I will serve you Lord

while I'm waiting I will worship you Lord

until I will learn to love you more than I will love him

then I know I can love him more than anyone else.

Just wait my friend coz the love birthed in correct timing is lasting.. :)

I hope I was able to lessen up your burden.. :)

Love is something natural and comes when ur heart is open and clean. Don't force someone to love because love actually
grows gradually. Just be patient and pray to God for good friends because out of ur friendship u will get one that u can go
out with. Be very careful the kinds of friends u make because if your friends are bad then it will affect you and you will
not get a lover out of them. I'm still searching for someone who can accept me the way that I am. But God will help us all
to find our partners. Thank you.

for you to find true love you have to pray not having anyone in mind lest you tempt God into answering in a a way that you want. whilst it is difficult to let go i suggest that you pray without ceasing and in due time God will answer you accordingly. don't rush it will come


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