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 Hi'..every one.for me its so hard to find a true love',i been in a relationships before i thought he is the man  iam looking for in my life but things happened that we need to set us free for some reason i love him so much more than myself'but he choose to be alone thats why i let him to be alone as i respect him,and ofcourse to proved to him that i really love him'even it was so hard for me ,i cry many times for him and im not ashamed to share it to any one here,because he really meant to me,i want to take care of him forever but now i cant do this anymore'its hard to think that he dont love me as the way iam to him',but still im happy coz i understand him in everything',all i wish for him is to be happy'hope he can find a good women for him,..and hope someday i can find a good man for me'too who can love'.I know that there is no permanent thing in this world and i have to be open in that',..

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Only most of the most important things of how to find a true partner was to pray to God earnestly....most a time after accepting it..than start to that love will grow strong...but to me i feel its better to seek God before taking the final decidion...n pray about it.


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