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All Adventist Pastors please join AY we would like to Start a new Q/A series.
Few rules to follow.
  1. Any Questions  related to Adventist Doctrines.
  2. Answers should be brief and in accordance to the Scripture
  3. Anyone is free to ask , copy paste , irrelevant post will be deleted ( this is for every one's benefit) since we AY's are the  most busy lot  .Do not waste any time let's built our house on the rock and let's help one another to be ready.
  4. You are welcome to Answer with another Question.

Let me start with my first Question
1. What is the right way of keeping the Sabbath ?

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for me keeping the sabbath start with recognizing the presence of God on that special day, because without it no worship to be done. that's the way i keep my sabbath!
my other answer is this, by recognizing to myself that i am a filthy rags needs to be cleanse by my savior....that's one thing also for me to keep my sabbath


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