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What do yall tink about gays coming into the Adventist Church and holding offices like Sabbath school teacher, Cradle Roll teacher or Pathfinder Director?. Do you guys think this should be allowed in the church?

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I have never seen the need to put gays in a bracket by themselves, in terms of sinners. We are all sinners, and we all need the grace of God to move us onward. Neither do I think that we should have a different yardstick for choosing church officers, due to the phenomenal change in attitudes towards gays. As a pastor, if I knew that someone was living in flagrant violation of the Sabbath commandment (such as attending staff parties on Friday evening), or is involved in the illicit drug trade, or living in an adulterous relationship - oh, these are just examples, by the way - it would not be in keeping with church standards to have such an one in the offices you described.
The same would apply for someone who is practically homosexuality (gayism, if such a word exists). Of course, that does not exclude them from the worship with the saints, no, not at all. They are free to take part in any discussion in the church and to participate in its many services. Holding an office in the church is another matter.
So, we should be accepting and loving and caring, while upholding the standards.
I would just like to insert this correction to my reply: "practically homosexuality" should read "practicing homosexuality". Looking for more replies.
Absolutely well said by my bro. That's it.
we are to come just as we are to god. therefore, allowing gays in the church indicates a congregation's willingness to accept a sinner just as they are with the motive of allowing god to use in helping that person with this alternative lifestyle to learn of the right way. the sin should be rebuked; not the sinner.


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