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you will find information on "dish systems,"customs,and utensils commonly used in their any additional information??plzz add...thankz

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chopstick are used as tableware in china and are considered to reflect gentleness rather than the knife and fork used in western civilization.
it is not a good idea to place chopsticks upright in your rice bowl as it is observed as impolite..

Dish styles:
there are eight "dish systems"in China. each dish system stresses a variety of cooking combinations and entrees with respective of oils,sauces,spiciness,tenderness, and crispness features.

Famous dish system:
3 famous cuisines in chinese cooking are Sichuan, Shandong,and guangdon (cantonese)dishes. they vary from sichuan dish (hot and tangy) to the shandong dish (fresh,crisp, and light).
one very popular dish is beijing Roast duck. As with other dishes from beijing area, it has its roots in many hundreds of years of chinese cooking. the delectable dish is not to be missed!
cantonese cuisine is one of the four main cuisines in china and encompasses crisp,tender and quick-fried dishes.such as bird's nest.

Tea (cha) is the most popular drink in china. Make sure the spout is facing out the table.
sis thanks!, now i know some information of the chinese cuisines..and i like to learn how to used chopstick.
here are some tips of using chopstick sis.

Basics: How to Hold Chopsticks:

Hold the upper chopstick with the index finger, the middle finger, and the thumb.
Put the other chopstick between the bottom of the thumb and the tip of the ring finger.
Move the upper chopstick only when you pick up food.
*It's impolite to hold chopsticks with five fingers.

Bad manners:

Waving chopsticks above food dishes.
Sticking chopsticks into food instead of picking them up.
Picking up a cup/bowl with the hand that is holding your chopsticks.
Sucking chopsticks.
Sticking chopsticks vertically into a bowl of rice.
Passing food from your chopsticks to somebody else's chopsticks.


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