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I was looking for a book that will teach me a crash course in Chinese writing at a YMCA bookshop in Kowloon, China, when the lady shopkeeper show me a book written by Dr. Ethel Nelson, a former medical missionary at the Bangkok SDA Sanitarium and Hospital, explaining how the Chinese writing actually tell the same story of creation and the beginning of nations, just as it is recorded in the Bible. . I was incredulous in the beginning, and thought that it is impossible. In fact the book pointed out that long before the Hebrews came into existence as a nation, actually the Chinese ancestors had known and worshiped the same Creator God as the One believed by Jews and Christians today.
Come and join me in exploring one of the most amazing discoveries in the religious world, that even Chinese people could hardly believe but could not deny either. Besides that, find how the marvelous conversions of millions of Chinese people in China despite persecutions, have already been predicted in the Bible. It is estimated that there are between 65 to 90 million Christians in the biggest nation of the world today.

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Yes, Joan. I worked for 7 years in China and Macao. I met quite a few of them. Those Christians in China are not fair-weather Christians at all. They are really in love with their new found faith and their Lord. When they make a testimonial, they do not thank God for wonderful things that they received materially, but they praised the Lord for being persecuted and still did not fail Him. Some of them praised God for having a brother, parent or child who were jailed or murdered for the faith, but did not deny Christ until their last breath. How can you destroy that kind of people, Joan?
That's what Jesus really meant when He says: Fear not those who can destroy your body, but rather fear Him who can destroy both your body and soul. On the other hand if we worship this kind of a God, what do we have to fear, even if the world is full of devils as the trees that surround us, or as Martin Luther puts it, as the number of tiles on the roof of the houses in the whole country.
They do not have many qualified ministers over there. Most of the time they are only served by laymen. But they felt so happy and thankful for being able to study the scriptures in just simple language with people who have very little education. I am sure the heart of God is focused in places like that, and that is where the Holy Spirit and the angels from heaven are delighted to work mightily. Let's pray we will have that spirit in our hearts, too.


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