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  • It's evident worldwide that the SDA church has very few well known individuals in government circles, top organizations, or even top professional jobs, what can be done to change this situation such that the church has a pool of skilled professionals, academicians and model leaders in ther order of Daniel?
  • The gospel is to reach all corners of the world and I think the Lord would be happy if we had Daniels of today to plant seeds in world leaders, skilled professionals managing companies and leading by example, academics to be role models for the young and fight for Adventist freedom (in some countries where there are lectures on sabbath).

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Now, I'm not trying to be argumentative. . . really. And maybe it's just that I have such little interest in politics. Now, I'm all for education. What I have learned in college isn't as much my specific area of study, but rather *how* to learn; how to research, how to critically analyze, how to present in depth thoughts and considerations to others, how to take all you've learned and put it together to present to others. But you made me think of a question in regards to educated Adventists being involved in things such as government circles, top organizations, and top professionals.

To what end? I'm not knocking fighting for freedom for Adventists, but the Bible tells us what is going to happen, tells us what is coming; and no amount of education or influence is going to stop it. It's coming. Would not our efforts be better spent reaching people with God's truth and preparing them for the inevitable? Perhaps I'm just basing my opinion on what I feel called to do. . . . .
Hi Traci, that's right preparing people for what's coming.
Right but do you have an idea how many hearts educated Adventists in the order of Dr. Carson can influence? The answer is a lot. Just an example if you read Gifted hands and Think Big it has circulated allover the globe why, because God made him successful. Daniel brought changes in the Babylonian Kingdom, he had to be educated and was found to be smart, the list is endless.

The truth still stands that we can't reach some circles without being with some status either in terms of education or social status.
I don't think that God's plan was to have individuals with meagre education levels, let's take it this way why is it the Israelites were feared as God's people, they had a lot of skill, and their social status had been elevated, and sincerely speaking they were smart folks.

I believe the problem stems somewhere in our lack of funding for our educational institutions to compete at the highest level possible.
Not all Adventist kids can make it to Loma Linda for a medical degree, but we are a chosen generation, we would be a people with a lot of universities with status such as Loma Linda.
For a researcher to listen to you, he needs a fellow researcher, a professor needs a fellow professor, a congressman a fellow congressman etc. The gospel doesn't exclude royals, professors it's for every nation, tribe, language and people. The Gospel bearers the apostles had a whole mix, peasants, fishermen, tax collectors, fiancial managers etc. the gospel is still the same, so it needs doctors, teachers, farmers, fishermen, writers, artists, engineers, accountants, financial controllers etc.
What is your definition about Education?
I have a quotation to share with you.. It is taken from EG White's book called Education. "True education is continuous development of spiritual, mental and physical".. It is more on building our character unto christlike character.. If we are not into good character as mentioned by Paul and Jesus Christ in the Bible, we are not into serious relationship with Jesus. It is when our relationship are established with Jesus and growing relationship, that's when we can see changes in our character.. That is all about True Education.. Robert J Agustin


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