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Politicians irrespective of their mastery in the profession, their intergrity or their religious inclination, nothwithstanding, are policy makers of our countries. some have very questionable characters, revealing in their speeches and walks, yet are called 'honourables' They make laws, formulate and implement policies that challenges our faith convictions, turning the faces of christians blue. Their corrupt practices and dubious deals is gradually throwing the future of many a country bleak. Posterity could be blaming us.

Is it not about time radical steps are taken by well meaning christians (adventist) to challenge the system or should we allow the status quo. I mean entering into the "honourable profession", politics

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The system is flawed, that your efforts to bring change will be dented. As a matter of fact you might put your life on the line. Take a scenario whereby a dubious deal is going on, and you get to know about it and it involves money, they tip you off and they show you political bigwigs behind the deal. You are standing on a quagmire here your life or give in and pretend you know not what's going on.

Many people engage into politics and the Lord doesn't not desire that! There's time for everything an appointed time, if the Lord sees it fit that Eric Adjapong has a duty to execute in a political sphere, He will send you there. The Lord sent Daniel and his friends there, they didn't send themselves.

As much as many Adventists are venturing into politics, they are sending themselves and in the end they don't bring glory to the Lord's name, but the church is instead tarnished! Lord Have Mercy on us!

People should stop misusing the Lord's name in vain, by assuming He is pleased when they venture into places He wouldn't see them fit to take part in.
Sure good thing!,
But I hope you don't send yourself into politics and claim that the Lord sent you

Hi Eric, good to see you hear.
I have interest in what you posted and just wanted to add my voice.

Can one step on coals of fire without being burnt? I sincerely think that God makes a way of escape in every temptation He allows/permits to come our way; yet when we tempt God by putting ourselves into any temptation we would hardly escape. Most of us fall into temptation because of of lust as indicated by James.

In our desire to win worldly fame, we enter into positions of insecurity and think we can impact that environment and the society at large. Remember the one we are contending with is far smarter than we are and can always outsmart us when we walk in our own wisdom. Eve in an attempt to defend God in the Garden, was overpowered by the cunning foe.

As mush as depends on us, I think we should avoid and flee from all evil-dangered zones.

If Church and State cannot safely unite, can Politics and the Christian marry? (Remember Politics & Christian are daughters of STATE and CHURCH respectively).

Talking about Daniel's case, He was glorifying God and the king recognized his necessity in government. Yet clearly there were traps set by the devil for Daniel and His colleagues to dishonour God - Clear on the other side was death awaiting them. THerefore they were persecuted for their loyalty to God's law.
How many of modern Christians in politics have faced persecution? If none, then it is an evidence of their compromise to sins of many; and this is true of the church at large. Compromising on what we should preach and admonish.
"Let there be a revival of the faith and power of the early church, and the spirit of persecution will be revived, and the fires of persecution will be REKINDLED" - GC 48 p. 3
all adventist are politicians, you what to prove this most of the adventist members are in oposition always
Once you are not into it, do not make an attempt to join it since you will not have your fellow ADVENTISTS who will be on that field to help you and also people think ADVENTISTS are soo stiff when it comes to religion and faith so they will not give us the chance to rule with our faith and the principles of the BIBLE.

Once again since you are outside the scene you will say you will do according to the will of GOD but before you will realize the world have influence you since if you tell the TRUTH you will not win your seat.

To end if you see the behaviour of some Adventist politicians, it will shock you. Just to say a few an Adventist District Chief Executive disappointed me which nearly resulted in me being DROPOUT from my tertiary education.And there is also an Adventist MP WHO according to sources don't even have time for church again.
So we are to draw their attention and advice them and continue the work of GOD so that we can win souls for CHRIST FOR SALVATION OF OTHERS TOO.


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