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this is something that has been conflicting me mind for the past 3 years in university

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From my point of view it depends on some factors:-
  • Age
  • Financial Stability
  • Maturity (mental, physical & spiritual)
  • Ability to handle marriage and school So if you have a good percentile on the above points, then I think it's not a problem to get married. Age is important meaning atleast if you already completed your Bachelors degree , then that means you are mature enough to handle demanding family matters and school.
    But it's highly advisable to first complete school before you think or marriage.
I agree with your perspective 100% . Although it really comes down to the two persons involved , some people would be able to handle it whilst others will not , but hey life is a risk in everyway , some things work out how we want them too an others don't . My advise would be to consult God on this matter , you can always rest assured that he has all the correct answers when it comes to our lives . All of the afforementioned points should be given adequate consideration but he said that we should acknowledge him in all ours ways and he shall direct our path , so do just that .
People marry for different reasons, there's this theory which goes that a man has only one love life in his entire life. So if he met that someone and may be he was hurt, then he drags along his wrinkled heart to another relationship no wonder infidelity is at it's very peak! And the scary thing even in the church! Lord Have mercy.

Marriage is a huge thing, which people have to pray n-times before they consider taking that extra step.
Yea, the sad thing is divorce is high even in church! Sometimes I wonder why did they even get married in the first place?

Something has to be done!

Since I'm married and in college I'll add my thoughts to this as well.

My husband was in college when we met. He ended up going on and off until he steadily completed his degree after joining the military (with the military footing the bill). It takes an understanding spouse indeed to be able to handle a spouse that is a student. It is VERY demananding in regards of time. The student's spouse has to be able to realize that time together will be rather limited. We had our first child while he was working on his degree. With the one child we both attended school one term and that is just WAY too taxing.

I very, very strongly recommend that if a person does decide to marry while persuing their education, that they hold off on having kids till they're done. I now have 2 small girls, I am a SAHM, and attend university via Distance Education. It is very difficult because my time for school is limited by the demands of family, and it takes time away from my kids, which I hate. If circumstances were different, I'd just wait till they were in school to finish my own degree, but I plan to home school and at the pace I am going I will complete my own education the spring preceeding the school year in which my oldest will need to begin 1st grade so I push on.

But if I had it to do over again, I'd definately complete my education before kids. It's very taxing on a marriage (so it must be strong to withstand) and, in all honesty, it is unfair to the child(ren).
Once we don't grow younger, it becomes inevitable then to marry should your right age of marriage catch up with you while a student. however, you need to be emotionally matured and socially balanced, and financially sound to take care of your studies and home.

even though it is possible to marry while a student, untill "the enabling environment" is created, i will aver one waits after school.
this is an interesting topic....I think u guys have the matter well covered...just remember to put God FIRST in EVERY and depends on how mature u are.....these together can complicate one's life or make it better so careful consideration is needed

God bless intriguing discussion. Well, I am married and studying...i am actually pursuing my first degree and I must admit it is a challenge.Nevertheless, I found that putting Christ at the heart of the relationship makes things more bearable. I enjoy going home to meet my wife (since I am studying in another island) and when I do, its like dating all over again. It is thrilling and exciting to me. There are however dangers involved, but that is where our mighty God comes in. My advice is to consult God first...once He says yes, He will make a way. There are people who never separated and married when they thought it was the perfect time and they had divorce. Whereas there are persons who married while studying and have wonderful marriages. Jesus makes the difference. Of course, having children while studying, is a definite no! its not the best thing since it could strain the relationship, but again, nothing is impossible with God. I am enjoying my marriage as I let my heavenly father lead. God Bless!
I don't think it's a good Idea to get married while still a student NAnasei,because entering into marriage is not a petty thing! That's a major decision and event in our life. It must not be considered a little thing because it's not.At least, for me. It will add up to your responsibilities as a student. Just focus on your studies first before entering to it! Anyway, what is getting married if you already have a degree,right?
I don't think it's wrong, per se, to get married while one is in University. I think it has a lot to do with the individuals' level of maturity and whether they know they'll be able to support each other and give each other the attention they will both want and need while studying and going to classes and other extra curricular activities. Will they be able to support each other financially and pay for their University education? One spouse may feel obligated to support the other financially, thus, taking from his or her resources that are needed to complete a course. This would not be the case if the two were single. They must also consider the possibility of getting pregnant, though they may not have intended to do so. Accidents do happen. This is a whole other kettle of fish. For many, school has been placed on hold for several years for this very reason (married and unmarried). It is usually the woman who suffers in this particular instance.

A couple in love that wants to get married should pray earnestly before making a decision like this and go where the Lord leads, being sure not to assume that the Lord is saying yes when He is saying no and vice versa. They may or may not decide to seek counseling from a pastor or Christian counselor who will be able to help them pray and make the decision.
Have not been able to read all that people have replied, yet would want to say that it pays to have:
at a point in time. This undivided attention can earn you excellence.
Great post, good indeed


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