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Does it matter how long you know somebody before you can get into a relationship . I think that you can feel strongly for some one in a short space of time and you want nothing but that person . But should there be a time frame inwhich you get to know the person like 2 months , 4 months , 1 week . you can never really know all there is to know about people anyway so why wait .

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Knowing somebody for a long time does not change his/her attitudes, if you see someone you like, you can start a relationship immediately, because having to know him/her will not let you change his/her behavior.....
A week is enough to start a relationship, and in that relationship is where you will learn the person and decide whether to continue or not....
Thank you...
Ok cool , thanks for the thought
i think it does matter knowing somebody for a while, the while which is relative, before marriage. even though you can't really knowall about that person, anytime you discover a new thing about him/her even a particular smile he/she wears adds to the joys of nature. it helps in knowing how well you are compartible; this will help inform your future decisions.
That is true too , but how do u decide how long to wait
To me it all depends on the persons in the "relationship". There are different types of relationships, the first type (friendship) which usually leads to the others needs to be form first. For each person the lenght of time it takes for friendship to develop varies. How ever once that first level is accomplished then you will know if to go into a deeper relationship. I don't think the time frame matters just that you go through at least the first level (friendship) cause it will be the base for the "relationship".
I agree , it is just that some time you have a good relationship with someone but you begin to develop feelings which are more of a personal nature than mere friendship , so what then . You are scared to tell them how you feel cause you don't want to ruin the friendship but then what do you do a bout your feelings . I won't want to regret telling him how i felt or not telling him . And you look very beautiful in that pic , keep it that way .
First of all thank you for the compliment. Now as I said if after you've become friends you develope feels of a more personal nature, then I think it's worth the risk of finding out if the other person feels the same way. THere are many things in life that you would never know or get to enjoy if you never took the risk.
Thanks folks for this topic. Alright about knowing someone is quite tricky because when people are after something they can behave in a certain way and sooner or later after getting their catch, they show their true colors.
Personally i think, that when it comes to relationships it's better to first consult the Father. He can guide us when looking for someone to be with, because if you take matters in your own hands and give it a try, well you can leave when you find out he/she isn't the person you thought he/she is, but what if it turns out the other person had firmly got interested and you are pulling out?
That may lead to hurt and ouch doesn't sound nice. It can happen to you also and you'll not be happy about it when someone walks away from you.
So i think you can study and watch someone coupled with prayer the Lord can definitely show whether he is worth dating or not.
wel iam actully new in this group but this an interesting topic, i fell that time does not matters, cause if say like no i will wait more 2 or 3 months to know him or her better, i can tell you that be ware because sometimes you don´t know what u might be missing!!!
and is not like taking time to think will help you changing his or her attitude ou behaviours but it only possible to talk about each others behaviour in a relatiochip not outside of it.
it by getting closer like friends that we most times develop feelings to that friend so why waiting?
go forth and say what u have in mind
remember this`` u will never know anything if it is good or bad unless you try it first``
meaning that do not wait for tomorrow cause u will never know what tomorrow brings so do it now!
Best regards to everyone!
To know somebody can takes a long time and the best period is when you guys a friends. So I think you should not go straight for marriage but just be friends and it will get to the next stage where you or the other party cannot hide anything longer and by the time you will realise you are ready to marry, you will not perfectly well who your partner will be.
well i would say there is no time frame, because people are really different in getting to know one another. i know of a couple that meet and in less that 6months they were married. if you asked them they tell you we felt like we know each other already and trust me they are doing great still in and with four kids. then there are some that have to stay for years before you know!!!. In short i would like to say that it depends on the individuals and how honest they are willin got be with each other
Thank you
Dear sister,
When it comes to relationship, it should take good quality time. It is to know more about someone you are going to be with forever. When you cast all your cares on life partner unto God's hand, He will Sustain you and will strengthen your relationship (Ps. 55:18)


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