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Does it matter how long you know somebody before you can get into a relationship . I think that you can feel strongly for some one in a short space of time and you want nothing but that person . But should there be a time frame inwhich you get to know the person like 2 months , 4 months , 1 week . you can never really know all there is to know about people anyway so why wait .

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During that time, what would you be doing Gabriel?

I'm wondering what you mean. I tend to agree with Gabriel. Whether to enter into a relationship is a critical decision. i don't think this is something that should be taken lightly. There is too much hurt going on in this world for us to think that as soon as we see someone attractive we should chase until they catch us. We should really be more careful than we usually are.
A person is less likely to let you know him/her when the two of you are in a steady relationship. It is my opinion that it is always best to be friends with that person--without letting him/her know that you are interested, since he'll still act close to perfect--and then day by day find out what kind of person he/she is.

No, you cannot know everything about a person, but make the intelligent decision to find out all you can before you enter into a committed relationship. When you see traits of character that are questionable, think and decide whether you believe you can live with it if you are ultimately looking for a marriage partner. Many men and women have entered into relationships and marriage to find out that there is much too much that they didn't know and wish they had courted or remained friends for a considerably longer period of time. That way they just might have chosen not to join in marriage. The divorce rate in the Seventh-day Adventist church is so high and I think that this is one of the reasons for that. Sister White counsels us to pray double time when we are contemplating relationship formation and I agree with her 100 percent. If many of us were to look at our parents to see the overly-numerous difficulties that they go through, we would realize that it is unwise to jump into any relationship with anyone of the opposite sex. I'm not saying at all that marriages shouldn't have rough spots, but, there are some traits of character that many married people would prefer not to have to deal with day in, day out.

Feelings can be very temporary and tend to dissipate when things get tough in a relationship. That principle called love will have to be adhered to in order to have happy marriage relationships. The Lord usually knows best as to whether we should get married to someone or not. Why don't we choose His counsel before we make those decisions. We really shouldn't allow our feelings to dictate what we decide to do. We should let God be our guide and follow His lead every single step of the way. That way we are less likely to have regrets.
yes you must take your time coz you canot judge a book by its cover
Oh thank you I don't have a time frame for a relation. but, I would rather prefer to say "you know it when it is right time if you follow heart."
Oh thank you. I don't have a time frame for a good relation. but, I would rather prefer to say "you know it when it is right time if you follow heart."

..for me.. time is needed, being friends as your 1st stage is best.....because it is the allotted time for u to know each other, to know the good and bad side of his/her character... in this time you will know if u want to go further or not... this will be the time both of u will be tested.... but the time varies to people........ the time u will be sure and if u are really firm in your decision........... but the best i can advice to u is that surrender it to God, whatever his will should be follow... 


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