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Is it advisable for a girl to date someone who is not as educated as she is. I mean when the difference is that the girl went upto Degree level in university whereas the boy went upto high school and didn't achieve standard grades to further his education such that there is no chance that the guy can improve his educational status? Can the significant difference cause any conflicts such that the relationship will not work?

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Yeah, wether it's advisable or not i don't know but what am sure about is, this couple is bound for collision ahead most especially when the lady is not understanding the kind of husband she has, this couple may work out if the LORD blessed the Man with enough money more than that of the lady, but if here again it's other wise, then prayers and understanding wife are the solution.

Look here, surely these two ought to have different preferences in life, the lady talks about her profession, conferences and seminars where as the husband clicks not.

HOWEVER ALL MAY BE THERE BUT THE MOST OF ALL IS LOVE BETWEEN THIS COUPLE because ups and downs are not stranger to relations but the finest tool for this is understanding between your selves.




It can cause conflicts. The biggest conflicts will come if she feels that she is better,or he himself feels he is inferior. Also, their job potential cannot get in between their relationship. If they see nothing wrong and can still connect, then there is no problem with such a relationship.
We should always keep in constant prayer for our future partner. Lack of education from a partner can or cannot create cannot create conflict. However, there are other aspects to a person that can override what they lack. Take into consideration that a relationship will have its ups and downs (education or not). So, yes I believe it can work. As long as both have a close walk with the heavenly Father; then I believe they will have a close walk when they both enter those pearly gates of heaven together <3. Many blessings to you!

With God all things are possible, but equally remember that man can limit the omnipotent God. Therefore the workability of this relationship depends so much on the two would-be couples. Are you willing to submit to him, despite no physical reasons for submission? Is he also willing to love and respect you as your working colleagues would? This God will not do, but counsels the two of you to do this.


Therefore whether it is advisable or not, the answers depends on the worldview of the two of you - for with God there are no educational or social castes, for "caste is an abomination to Him".


How could the King of Kings, who says "as the heavens are from the earth so as my thoughts farther from yours" still live with men with so low an IQ? How could the Holiest Divine Being live with, tolerate and accomodate the vilest of all creatures?




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