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That is a great problem to the Adventist students who are in public institutions.
What can they do?

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I am a student in government teacher training institution... For me, the major problem is the Sabbath day... They always do the outdoor activity (e.g. outdoor education) on Sabbath day... and the bad news is, it is compulsory to join... we, Adventist students in the institute have to face this problem almost every year...
That's true Boyon, a great deal of SDA students in public universities are persecuted! Many face lectures on Sabbath, Exams on Sabbath etc.

So whenever we kneel down to pray intercede for all SDA students worldwide. In US and Europe it's quite OK but SDA students in Africa and Asia's public universities face the sabbath problem. Let's intercede for them.

Blessings to All

But still these students need people to strengthen them to stand for the truth, they need that assurance. It's something I desire to do, when I finally return to my country after studies. Otherwise Gabriel, be grateful that KSU you have freedom of worship.

i think as Joseph said, the real problem is the examens which are passed sabbath and many of these adventist students fail. but God is great, He can do the great if somebody believe to him.I haved this kind of problem. I will tell you later!
God be with you Mtakwe. He is able to do much more than you can ask, think or imagine.
thanks Joseph!
same to you
I do agree. I go to Old Dominion University and for me it's a whole new experience. As college students we have to adjust to living an independent life with no barriers or anyone to put you in the right course in life. We have to be able to choose our friends wisely and be able to control our passions that incline us to sin. Be sure that you have the lord as your priority, pray fervently, and have faith that he will guide you through the right path if you allow him to.
I love the experience/situation mentioned. I have to say that it I leaved the same and in many aspects of life "not directly school related" I still live this. I'm reminded of the experience of the 3 Hebrew boys in the burning furnace who did not care of the end of the story as they said, OUR GOD CAN DELIVER US,,, BUT EVEN IF HE DOESN'T WE WILL NOT BOW DOWN BEFORE YOUR IMAGES,,,, you see,,,, it all depends on what angle you view God. the bible say,,, SEEK YE THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND IT'S RIGHTEOUSNESS AND ALL THE REST SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU.

God can deliver you, but he didn't say you shall not fail if you stand but my diverse experience in this is that it has an awsome feeling to one day look back and say,,, Lord it was worthy standing for you and I feel great not having compromised your law. I write all this above base on life experience

May God be with you through the fire, water, thruough the flood and all life's triall


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