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Hi everyone,what i need to ask is,if you have friends that are non adventists in a strange country like the one im in right now and they always go shopping and enjoy themselves on the sabbath,i remain home alone studying my bible because even the seventhday adventist church im still looking for it.So what i need to ask is should i go along with them on the Sabbath?and another question is,is it right to attend/visit a church which worships on sunday?thanks in advance!!!

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Keep staying home and studying your Bible on the Sabbath until you find a church. You're doing the right thing. Pray for the Lord to lead you to a church or to bring others like you together and you could find a common place to worship.

I like to steer clear of going to church on Sunday. There's always the danger of getting drawn in and then getting comfortable and switchnig. These things happen little by little and you don't even realize it until it happens altogether. Ask God to keep you while you are searching and ask others to pray for and with you. Go in search of others like yourself and witness to your non-SDA friends.
Thanks a lot dear sister ,uv given me a clue and a light of wat to do,and i promise to continue clinging on to my bible and holding fast at the same time praying and asking God to bring me adventists like me.Thanks so much and stay blessed.
I totally agree with Monique's advice, It's right to the point.


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