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Does anyone know if there is any food intolerance diet information available somewhere?  

I realize this would be largely based on the specific intolerance, but I also know some foods are known as the main culprits in food intolerance (soy, dairy, animal products, most beans, corn, and most things people eat that are not meant to be eaten, like preservatives and spices).

Rice and most fruits are probably the best known foods when it comes to food tolerance, but that's a rather limited selection.

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You suppose to be eating food according to your blood type, and according 94% within this world, the dna nodes 6, A & B, and so forth, you'll find that you may have rejections to food types.

As to you comment, there is S4 warning rating label chemical/additives that is mainly found in meat products that is added, as a previous farmers farm hand I know of what is in that food, and what is add in the planted fields in the older days and can be still remaining as residues, DDT pesficides odors can be still be smelt within this area, illness-deformities tells you heaps, one day I actually could smell fuel in drinking water and almost taste it, and in those third world, and highly productive farms, I actually wonder how safe our foods are from anywhere is really healthy, all I can say eat moderately, and you'll be healthy, and live longer, organic thinking is a failure of believing its good for you, it means ill treatment to our soil has been prevented, but the dna factor in food is another result to be wary, how do you do the dna is the original from the one you've tested.

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