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By detoxing and eating a lot of raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs cut soda, desserts, and most processed sugar out of my diet I was able to change my health for the better losing over a 100 pounds in less than one year and since March 2013 no longer take any medicines except Novocain. I had been diagnosed with Chronic kidney disease back in September. I prayed with Sister asking God to know what to do. A friend of my Sister told her about a Lady who ran a health program promoting the use of raw foods and detoxing by flushing. We visited with the couple in charge and I decided to do the program starting January the 3rd, 2013. God has healed me of many diseases including high blood sugar, high blood pressure, sleep apnea. and chronic kidney disease. I exercise every day and am enjoying the 8 laws of health which spell the acronym NEW START: Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance, Air, Rest, & Trust in Divine Power. 

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Nutrition (Diet)
What we eat is important. Most people eat things because they like them. And what's wrong with that? Shouldn't we like the things we eat?
The Vegan-Vegetarian Lifestyle
Dietary Patterns for Infants and Young Children
Dennis Tang, Flickr
Walking, and other forms of exercise, allow our bodies to do what they were made for.
river big
Water gives us life. It is the source of healing, energy, and cleansing.
What Water Should I Drink?
Sunlight brings many health benefits when we enjoy it in moderation.
Wikimedia Commons
Temperance means more than just moderation.
Wikimedia Commons
Fresh air is a key element for optimum health!
Wikimedia Commons
Our bodies need rest in order to function. Are you getting the right quality and quantity of rest?
Insomnia and Depression
Fotolia © Thomas Perkins.
God has good plans for us, and that includes our health. Do you trust Him with your mind and your body?


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