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What is the best way to prepare our Vegetables?

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The best way is Raw. After that cooking them in water, not submerged, be much like frying them in water. Not fully cooking them, but so that they are still crunchy. Only partially cooked. The other best way, and just as good, is baking them. That is in terms of nutrition. As for flavor and spicing, some-one else will need to answer that question.
That is a good, simple reply.

Raw and steamed are my favorite ways. I season or flavor them any way I feel like it.
The longer you cook or steam them and the niter (temperature) the fewer vitamins and nutrition. We usually find all kinds of ideas about preparing them locally.
For those who can't eat raw foods, lightly steamed works well and maintains nutrients.

Thank you Watchman and Quacinda; for your comments

Question is there a major difference in the amount, and types of nutrients that we get from our vegetables when we eat them raw or steam them?

which one is the best!


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