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Vatican City, Sep 30, 2009 / 10:29 am (CNA).- During the month of October, Pope Benedict XVI will pray that Sunday is properly celebrated by Christians as the day of Jesus' Resurrection and that they will eagerly embrace their responsibility to share the faith.

The Holy Father's general prayer intention for October is: "That Sunday may be lived as the day on which Christians gather to celebrate the risen Lord, participating in the Eucharist."

What are your thoughts on these recent development?

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This is just the tip of the iceberg. We as Seventh Day Adventist know whats coming. It is our duty to prepare ourselves and our responsibility to warn others .Jesus has to come and the sooner the better so gird your loins my brothers and sisters its going to be a bumpy ride!
Benedict has a long history of promoting Sunday even when he was a cardinal. I would term this particular event as normal for him. He does help set the stage unknowingly for the national Sunday law, that is coming soon. Now is the time to prepare for the seal of God.
We must be ready. The signs and events could escalate at any time (re: when the Berlin Wall fell in our lifetime). Sometimes we become complacent "He delays His coming." No, my friends. He has His own timetable and the Bible says that if those days were not shortened, even the elect could be deceived.

We must KNOW what we believe, and why we believe it. And be able to give an account for a witness to others.
The signs are on the horizon, let us keep watch and stand firm. Do not compromise!
The problem with our evangelism campaign is that nowadays, we no longer directly identified who the real 666 is. It seems that we soften our stands with the 2nd and 3rd Angels messages of the Revelation. I have seen and attended several evangelism campaign and seminars, and found out that, we just focus on the love of Jesus, Faith, commandments but when the prophecy subjects unfolds, we avoid directly pointing our identifications with the man behind the mask. We seems to prefer not to hurt the feeling rather to save them from fire..."Come out her, My people" thus saith God thru the angel, lest you drink the wine of wrath of God..I suggest to everyone to watch the lecture of Professor Walter J. Veith
America is being destroyed by design so they can form a new global money system.
They could tell us for instance...
If you dont take a mandatory vaccine you will be quaratined in a Fema Camp
or you wont get a Federally issued ID card to buy food at the store and that garden out back!
Where did you get the seeds from? Are you licensed to grow genetically modified seeds, seed you purchase from the big three? Monsanto, ADM and Cargill.?
If not they can take your farm. So we could see all kinds of persecution very soon even before any Sunday Law is ever enforced.
Monsanto is working to control all seeds and food production which will only be at their discretion.
The borders are open for the Catholic influx to bring poverty to the United States and to form the North American Union joining Canda and Mexico to the States. Regional police will take the place of county and state and what they have planned is blood curdling and you will be arrested for even talking about it. Any nation that goes Catholic is always one thing and that is poor. Our economy will not recover either like many are hoping. The only hope Obama or any president will finally offer is a new world banking system.
I dont believe the papacy is as interested in converting the world to catholicism as it is in ruling the world. They hold the people in bondage by working hand in hand with the Jesuit order. The most powerful secretive man in the world is the black pope or The Jesuits General. Read the jesuit oath in the Great Controversy or online, I believe much of it has been taken out of GC.
Sunday Laws will be the result of some man made or false flag operation on American soil and the Pope will be working with President Obama to enact Sunday Laws at this time of panic.
I think the time is much closer than most people realize. Take the G-8 summit meeting and research the topics discussed and it's exactly like the Great Controversy described it.
This topic should wake the dead but people like me will bite my lip.


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