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We are living in the time of the end. The fast-fulfilling signs of the times declare that the coming of Christ is near at hand. The days in which we live are solemn and important. The Spirit of God is gradually but surely being withdrawn from the earth. Plagues and judgments are already falling upon the despisers of the grace of God. The calamities by land and sea, the unsettled state of society, the alarms of war, are portentous. They forecast approaching events of the greatest magnitude. {9T 11.1}
The agencies of evil are combining their forces and consolidating. They are strengthening for the last great crisis. Great changes are soon to take place in our world, and the final movements will be rapid ones. {9T 11.2}
On one occasion, when in New York City, I was in the night season called upon to behold buildings rising story after story toward heaven. These buildings were warranted to be fireproof, and they were erected to glorify their owners and builders. Higher and still higher these buildings rose, and in them the most costly material was used. Those to whom these buildings belonged were not asking themselves: "How can we best glorify God?" The Lord was not in their thoughts. {9T 12.1}
The scene that next passed before me was an alarm of fire. Men looked at the lofty and supposedly fire-proof buildings and said: "They are perfectly safe." But these buildings were consumed as if made of pitch. The fire engines could do nothing to stay the destruction. The firemen were unable to operate the engines. {9T 13.1}

9/11/2001 and the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York mark our entry into the last crisis of this earth. Written about a century ago Ellen White accurately described these events. She named the city, New York; she described the buildings rising story after story to the heavens, she said that the fire engines wouldn't be able to stop it. People did say the buildings were fire proof--I heard it on the news. They were consumed as if made of pitch.
Next, EGW writes:

There are not many, even among educators and statesmen, who comprehend the causes that underlie the present state of society. Those who hold the reins of government are not able to solve the problem of moral corruption, poverty, pauperism, and increasing crime. They are struggling in vain to place business operations on a more secure basis. {9T 13.3}

The next event after the collapse of the Twin Towers is a financial crisis that the USA leaders would be unable to fix. 9/11/2008 there was a drawdown of the money market accounts so huge that it was about to collapse the USA economy and the whole world economy. ( The Federal Reserve pumped $105 billion into the system. But it was not enough. So the Fed shut the system down. Otherwise they would have lost about $5.5 trillion by 2:00 PM. That would have collapsed the world economy within a day.
Notice that the very first two events in the first section of vol 9 of the Testimonies entitled, "The Last Crisis" are exactly 7 years apart! This is not a coincidence. We are in the last crisis of earth's history. Jesus is coming soon. We have to form characters like Jesus in order to receive the latter rain of the Holy Spirit. We also need to grow our own food, as there will be widespread famine:

In India, China, Russia, and the cities of America, thousands of men and women are dying of starvation. The monied men, because they have the power, control the market. They purchase at low rates all they can obtain, and then sell at greatly increased prices. This means starvation to the poorer classes, and will result in a civil war. (General manuscript, untitled, typed August 13, 1899.) {5MR 305.4}

Notice the countries listed, and then notice that in America it is in the cities that there will be famine. This will happen soon, within the next year. Read my blog, "The Last Crisis".
What do you think? Does this make sense to you? I hope and pray that it will encourage you to examine your walk with Jesus. We have our part to act in this great war for the minds and hearts of people. We need the Holy Spirit to guide us and give us the words to say. Let us spend time looking at Jesus everyday. God bless you all. Time is short. Jesus is good, better than you think.
Loren James

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OUR heavenly Father sends us frequent troubles to test our faith. If our faith is worth anything, it will stand the test. Gilt is afraid of fire, but gold is not: the imitation gem dreads being touched by the diamond, but the true jewel fears no test.

It is a poor faith which can only trust God when friends are true, the body full of health, and the business profitable; but that is true faith which holds by the Lord’s faithfulness when friends are gone, the body is sick, spirits are depressed, and the light of our Father’s face is hidden.

A faith which can say, in the deepest trouble, «Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him,» is heaven-born faith.

The Lord afflicts His servants to manifest His glory, for He is greatly glorified in the graces of His people, who are His own handiwork. When «tribulation works patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope,» the Lord is honored by these growing virtues.
We would never know the music of the harp if the strings were left untouched; nor enjoy the juice of the grape if it were not trodden in the winepress; nor discover the sweet perfume of cinnamon if it were not pressed and beaten; nor feel the warmth of fire if the coals were not utterly consumed.

The wisdom and power of the great Workman are discovered by the trials through which His vessels of mercy are permitted to pass.

Present afflictions tend also to heighten future joy. There must be shade in the picture to bring out the beauty of the light.

Could we be so supremely blessed in heaven, if we had not known the curse of sin and the sorrow of earth? Will peace not be sweeter after conflict, and rest more welcome after labor? Will the recollection of past sufferings not serve to enhance the bliss of the glorified?

There are many other comfortable answers to the question with which we opened our brief meditation, let us think upon it all day long.
«Orpah kissed her mother-in-law; but Ruth clave to her.»
(Ruth 1:14)

BOTH of them had an affection for Naomi, and therefore set out with her upon her return to the land of Judah.

But the hour of test came; Naomi unselfishly set before both of them the trials which awaited them, and encouraged them if they cared for ease and comfort to return to their friends in Moab.

At first both of them declared that they would take their stand with the Lord’s people; but upon further consideration Orpah with much grief and a respectful kiss left her mother-in-law, and her people, and her God, and went back to her idolatrous friends, while Ruth with all her heart gave herself up to Naomi’s God.

It is one thing to love the ways of the Lord when all is fair, and quite another to hold to them in the face of discouragements and difficulties. The kiss of outward profession is very cheap, but the practical clinging to the Lord, which must show itself in devotion to truth and holiness, is no small matter.

How do things stands with us? Is our heart fixed on Jesus, our body a living sacrifice? Have we counted the cost, and are we solemnly ready to suffer the loss of all things for the Master’s sake?

The ultimate gain will be an abundant provision, for the treasures of Egypt do not compare with the glory to be revealed.

Orpah is heard of no more; in glorious ease and idolatrous pleasure her life melts into the gloom of death. But Ruth lives on in history and in heaven, for grace has placed her in the noble line that produced the King of kings.

Blessed among women shall be those who for Christ’s sake renounce all; but forgotten, and worse than forgotten, shall be those who in the hour of temptation violate their conscience and turn back to the world.

This morning let us not be content with the form of devotion, which may be no better than Orpah’s kiss, but may the Holy Spirit work in us a clinging of our whole heart to the Lord Jesus.
Yes, I agree, spiritual preparation is of the utmost importance. I write the occasional study on prophecy. My focus is on Jesus. Our home church group has been studying Righteousness by Faith for a few months now. Very in depth. Jones & Waggoner, Luther, Calvin, but mostly I go for the Bible and the SOP on this topic.
But back to prophecy and end times. Physical preparation is important. Faith saved Noah, but if he didn't build the ark, his faith would have been dead. If Lot refused to leave Sodom, his lack of faith would have caused his death. The Bible is clear that faith must work thru love. Love is the aspect I find most missing from the religion of many. Everyone will say they believe in God, but where is the love that acts? Laodicea is a reality, sadly enough. A heart charged with the love of Jesus is the only cure. The Desire of Ages is my favorite book outside of the Bible. Next is the GC.
Are you familiar with the EGW statements:

This one shows that prophecy is important for those who want a better religious experience:

When the books of Daniel and Revelation are better understood, believers will have an entirely different religious experience. They will be given such glimpses of the open gates of heaven that heart and mind will be impressed with the character that all must develop in order to realize the blessedness which is to be the reward of the pure in heart. The Lord will bless all who will seek humbly and meekly to understand that which is revealed in the Revelation. This book contains so much that is large with immortality and full of glory that all who read and search it earnestly receive the blessing to those "that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein." One thing will certainly be understood from the study of Revelation--that the connection between God and His people is close and decided. {FLB 345.3}

This one shows that todays scribes and pharisees have taught the wrong idea on the phrase day or hour:

Wolff believed the coming of the Lord to be at hand, his interpretation of the prophetic periods placing the great consummation within a very few years of the time pointed out by Miller. To those who urged from the scripture, "Of that day and hour knoweth no man," that men are to know nothing concerning the nearness of the advent, Wolff replied: "Did our Lord say that the day and hour should never be known? Did he not give us signs of the times, in order that we may know at least the approach of his coming, as one knows the approach of summer by the fig-tree putting forth its leaves? Are we never to know that period, whilst he himself exhorteth not only to read Daniel the prophet but to understand him? And in that very Daniel where it is said that the words were shut up to the time of the end (which was the case in his time), and that 'many shall run to and fro' (a Hebrew expression for observing and thinking upon the time), and 'knowledge' (regarding that time) 'shall be increased.' Besides this, our Lord does not intend to say by this, that the approach of the time shall not be known, but that the exact 'day and hour knoweth no man.' He does say that enough shall be known by the signs of the times, to induce us to prepare for his coming, as Noah prepared the ark." {GC88 359.2}

Notice the underlined text.
Clearly the idea is that at some point we will know the hour and day. And not just when we see Jesus coming in the clouds. Those who are in darkness will not know. God's people will know.

If indeed the dollar fails by September, then we will see that many people's understanding of the quotes that try to limit what we "can" or "cannot" know in regard to time will be seen to be wrong.

Our relationship with Jesus and froming characters after His likeness are to be the main focus. Prophecy is also extremely important.

EGW says:

In the Scriptures are presented truths that relate especially to our own time. To the period just prior to the appearing of the Son of man, the prophecies of Scripture point, and here their warnings and threatenings pre-eminently apply. The prophetic periods of Daniel, extending to the very eve of the great consummation, throw a flood of light upon events then to transpire. The book of Revelation is also replete with warning and instruction for the last generation. The beloved John, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, portrays the fearful and thrilling scenes connected with the close of earth's history, and presents the duties and dangers of God's people. None need remain in ignorance, none need be unprepared for the coming of the day of God. {RH, September 25, 1883 par. 6}

Prophetic periods extending to the very eve of the great consummation... Interesting, no?

All genuine experience in religious doctrines will bear the impress of Jehovah. All should see the necessity of understanding the truth for themselves individually. We must understand the doctrines that have been studied out carefully and prayerfully. It has been revealed to me that there is among our people a great lack of knowledge in regard to the rise and progress of the third angel's message. There is great need to search the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation, and learn the texts thoroughly, that we may know what is written. {Ev 363.2}

Don't believe every word that comes from the pulpit telling you you can't know such and such. I have heard many say that we can't know God. Do we then stop studying? I won't. I pray all who read this won't either. God reveals more to His followers as time draws to a close. About Him, and about His prophecy.

In Christian love,

thank you for telling us this things so we will be inform. thanks for your obsrvation about the sven years lapsed.


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