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The Nearness of Time

All Christians, in particular, SDA’s are eagerly looking forward to the fulfillment of prophecy that will usher in a change from the present state of affairs in our world. The phrase “The Nearness of Time” denotes that we are aware of certain events that are precursor to the establishment of God’s kingdom. We will take a look at some events and how they may bring to past some of the prophecies yet to be fulfilled. To begin with, the current events foremost in the news is the murder/suicide of thirty-three students at Virginia Technical University on April 16,2007. This event has lead to the cry for stricter gun laws, more accountability on the part of the school administrators and more vigilance on the part of everyone for those who seem “abnormal”. Add this to the aftermath 0f 911 (World Trade Center attacks) with new laws and power given to government at the cost of civil liberation and restrictions and the way is paved for the abolishment of our constitution. Add to this the ongoing wars in Iraq, and Pres. Bush’s determination to escalate troop numbers, which is sure to escalate the conflict perhaps into World War III and the way is paved. “Such combination of circumstances will result in a replication of the international church –and –state rule of the middle ages, and will relegate to the scrap heap the world’s finest instruments of human liberty-the divinely inspired constitution of the United States of America. Since the development will make the world’s ills worse, it will signalize that the four angels have let loose the winds, and that the 144,000 Israelites are sealed (Rev. 7:3-8)

And what is more, a system that will, on the pains of death for non-conformity, exact a form of worship in violation of the conscience is anything but democracy and Christianity. Enforced religion is nothing less than an order of trucking subjects, rather than an order of voluntary disciples.

Indeed when “…when the fullness of time was come, God sent forth His son…to redeem them that were under the law…” Gal.4:4, 5. Thus it will be in the end, when”…the year of my redeemed is come.” Isa.63:4 that “…at that time shall Michael stand up, the Great Prince…and at thy time thy people shall be delivered…” Dan. 12:1 Let us strive daily to be among that number!

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