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How are you all this morning? I was very happy when I noticed this group because I need help. I am having trouble coming up with new and tasty vegetarian recipes. Can anyone help?

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Just a quick question why do you steam the bean curd?
sorry, I never saw your question..... I have never tried it any other way...I think that cooking it would just end up making the eggs in it more like fried instead of sticking to the bean curd 'nuff sed
Cashew Nut Roast*

(otherwise known as Mock Chicken!)

1 Large chopped onion

½ lb ground cashews (rinsed first in hot water)

½ lb wholemeal breadcrumbs **

2 teaspoons mixed herbs ***

½ pint vegetable water saved from cooked vegetables or water

1 teaspoon Marmite or yeast extract

1 dessertspoon soya flour or maize flour or gram flour (Americans use Tablespoon)


Steam-fry the onion in the smallest amount of oil on a low heat.

Mix all the other ingredients together with the onions when they are softened.

Put the mixture into a heat resistant bowl or basin and press the mixture down firmly.

Place a heat resistant small plate on top and

Pressure cook for 1 hour or steam for 2 hours

When cooked and cold put the bowl with the cooked roast, in a refrigerator and leave for a day or overnight. In the morning ease the roast out of the bowl and carefully slice with a bread knife. The roast will keep for about 5 to 7 days in a refrigerator and is ideal for the times when planning ahead is important.

*Yes it really does taste a little like chicken.

**This ingredient makes all the difference. If you use shop bought bread, which is very soft the nut roast will not be the same. I use homemade bread but whole wheat bread bought from a speciality baker will do just as well. The bread should be very firm to the touch.

*** mixed herbs contain: thyme, parsley and marjoram.

[Steam-fry means to use only a little oil and a tightly fitting lid on your pan. The food will then be cooked almost in its own juices.]
This sounds sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I think i will try and make it for Sabbath dinner.
Here's a recipe for lightly curried tofu with coconut milk and potatoes.

You cut the potatoes in chunks that would fit nicely inside your fist, and you cut the tofu in big chunks too. (You use a hard firm tofu.)

Simmer the tofu and potatoes in coconut milk with a teaspoon of curry added into the coconut milk. Also slice some red bell peppers lengthwise and add them for color. You put in a tiny bit of your favorite brand of soy sauce, and either chunks of onion or a liberal sprinkling of onion powder if you don't have any onions handy.

Let this bubble and cook at fairly high heat and stir every now and then, (you want it to kind of brown on the bottom.)

When everything is browned to your satisfaction this is ready to eat, and it's really good!
My wife has a recipe for Malaysian Curry which is similar but we find that cooking the coconut milk often tends to make it curdle so we don't add it until last. 'nuff sed


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