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Hey, I have a question!
Well my dads family is not adventist and I barely know them. then ppl i do know, but only get to see every few years, always has something to say about adventist not eating meat or certain things.

Particularly my uncle. He dosen't even go to church he should at least be proud that I do. He says that God put the animals on earth for us to eat. He also said that when blacks were slaves all they ate was pig and it never hurt them, and so all the generations before you ate it.

Now mind you that every time things like this happens its with plenty of grown ppl, im only 16, and on top of that my uncle has been in the millitary sence he was 18, and is now 42, so arguing with him is like, no matter what you say even if your right, he's won the battle.
He asked me what shall I do if there's an emergency or such, then what?

I told him that since I was born and raised this way, and I believe that this is whats right, like in the end of the world, I believe that if I stay faithful, God will provide my way...I know, sounds like a good one huh... I still was defeated! what shall I do, Why cant he respsect my beliefs without my asking him to.

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Hi sister!We are the mother's family are non adventist also.They used to taunt us for becoming a vegetarian.Even if you can explain well,still very hard for them to understand.So instead of arguing w/ them...we just smiled.Every time there is family gatherings...reunions...i prepare extra food.All vegetarian...and yummy!These days,most of them eat the food we serve.Even the younger generation.
Last January 1,2008,we went to our grandmother's place.We brought lots of food,all veggies and fruits.Then cousins with their children arrived.All non -adventists,ate the food we served.Also the aunties and uncles present.After eating,we agreed to gather again this Jan.1,2009.

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Thanks and God bless you.


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