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Ever had a God encounter - dream/vision/still small voice? Experienced the power of the Spirit in freedom from sin, healing, deliverance or miracles? This is a place to share what God is doing to encourage others.

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Over the years traveling around the planet and visiting churches in various places, I have come across people that have had unusual experiences with God. Many of them have been reluctant to share because of the fear of what people might think.


Once when sharing a few personal experiences with a young couple one Sabbath afternoon, the church elder came up to me. I was a bit nervous thinking "I should have kept my mouth shut" expecting a rebuke. To my amazement, he shared some of his own. Here is the short version:


He worked for a company that repaired complex machinery in factories. After many hours of trying to solve the problem with no luck, his co-worker suggested they take a break. Standing outside the factory he asked God for help. Immediately he had an open vision. He saw the insides of the machine with the broken elements highlighted. He grabbed his co-worker, went back in found the issue as revealed in the vision and fixed it in no time. He told me that he has had several experiences as such but stopped sharing at church because of the unbelief.


I would like to create an open environment so we may share no matter what the experience. I will post some of the stories of our pioneers and experiences of people I know personally or have read about. I will share some of my own.


The main purpose of this group is to let people know that God is alive and well and that He hasn't changed at all. Hopefully, the stories will inspire people to seek the face of God all the more.


So if you have an experience you would like to share (no matter how crazy it may seem), post it. Keep it simple and authentic (tell it as it was). If you had a dream you suspect was from the Lord and are not sure what it means, share it. Someone maybe able to help with the interpretation.



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Comment by Matt Britten on June 4, 2013 at 6:37am

Very powerful testimony of youth learning to hear God's voice and witnessing in the community:

Comment by Elena World Citizen on June 8, 2012 at 7:06pm

God healed me there's no doubt about that

Comment by Matt Britten on November 16, 2011 at 12:19am

One evening when teaching on "Jesus and the issue of faith", I had a word that someone had a problem with their ankle. A young man (who was an unbeliever and had come with his brother) raised his hand. I found out that he had an issue with it since birth. I had him start jumping on it, trying stuff that would normally cause pain (no prayer was offered - this was a an act of faith). He told the group after jumping around on it for a while, that it was good! I was able to confirm it by end the school. This same young man was touched powerfully by the Holy Ghost one evening that moved him from "unbeliever" to "believer". He can no longer deny the existence of this Great and Holy God! I can still see the smile on his face as we said our good byes on the day we left. I will write up some of the other things that happened during the weekend shortly.

Comment by Matt Britten on November 11, 2011 at 1:29am

A couple more things from the training school: During ministry time (when people get to practice the things they have learned) a lady came forward who had been suffering from a heart condition. Some ladies prayed for her. By the morning, she confirmed that the issue had altered (and felt great) but would need to be verified later (by a doctor). The cool thing was, her knee was healed as well, although she hadn't asked for prayer for it! The Holy Spirit just decided to go and sort it out whilst working on the heart!


An elderly lady came forward for prayer who had been suffering bodily pain for many years. (If I remember rightly, most of the pain was due to internal organs). Another group of ladies prayed for her. The next morning, I could see she was gleaming from ear to ear. During the testimony time, she shared how she went to bed pain free but thinking it might be temporary relief. However, upon arising the pain was still gone. Thanks Jesus!

Comment by Matt Britten on November 10, 2011 at 4:57am

Not long ago, I returned from a weekend training school on Evangelism in the power of the Spirit. (I was invited to teach the main sessions). We focused on the ministry of Jesus and how 21st century disciples need to learn the process of relying on the person and presence of the Holy Spirit for the release of His supernatural power to do the works of Jesus (Jn 14:12).

One evening at the event, I was heading down the back and one of the guys stopped me and asked if I thought God could grow his leg out and get rid of his lower back pain (one leg was 1.5 cm shorter than the other). I said, I don't know, but I'd be happy to try. He had his 15 year old daughter join me. We prayed for a bit with no change (other than his leg going numb). I told him to stand up and shake his leg (the shorter one) and walk over to the wall and back. By the time he got back, he said "something has changed" and went on to explain how the limp disappeared as the leg grew out on the way back. I had him check it out thoroughly and his daughter started freaking out as she could see he no longer stood lop-sided. He was in shock and the daughter overwhelmed with joy. He later came up and shared his testimony with the whole group. That was pretty amazing - Jesus!

Comment by Margie English on November 3, 2011 at 1:57pm

There are several amazing stories in my community.  I will share some from time to time.


Many years ago in Northwestern part of the United States, a deaf boy, aged 6, named Arthur, just started attending a residential school for the deaf several hours away from home.  His family was Adventist, and he usually went to church when he was at home, but in this new environment, he didn't know where a church was.  He asked the staff at his residence hall to let him go to church, and they asked him if he had someone to meet him.  Arthur said yes, someone would pick him up at the train station on Sabbath morning.  So the staff ordered an older boy to take him to the train station.  Early on Sabbath, the older boy wasn't too happy, because he wanted to get back to campus to play football.  They waited on the platform at the train station for some time, and the older boy became antsy.  Arthur was starting to worry when he saw a man walking towards them.  As soon as he approached Arthur and his companion, he asked "Do you want to go to church this morning?"  They were thrilled!  The older boy ran off, and from then on, Arthur had a ride to church.  He grew up to become a pastor.

Comment by LesMiller on October 29, 2011 at 5:30pm

Most of the times God has spoken directly to me with something for my own life through a dream I feel I need to keep to that myself. However, I did have an encounter once that I like to share with others.


I was working as a delivery man and saw a poor person begging in the downtown of my city. I was offended because I had seen him doing the same thing 10 years earlier. At first I thought what was the point in helping him since in 10 years he hadn't been able to help himself and was obviously going to be a poor beggar for life. I like the idea of a hand up rather than a hand out and was concerned about enabling him. However this man was mentally deficient in some category and I guess he must have believed this was the only job he could do. I found out later a lot of the workers in the office buildings near by sort of took him on a project and were concerned about his welfare. If he wasn't there to beg they wondered if he was sick.


Anyway, I don't like to give money but I will share food with someone asking for a handout. So I reached into my lunch bag and looked at a muffin I had there. It took me a few seconds to decide whether or not to share it with him as I didn't feel it would be anything more than a handout. But I felt enough concern for him that I called him over while the light was still red and I gave him the muffin.


When the light turned green and I drove across the street and parked, there was a well dressed man there who said a few words to me about the value of my kindness as if he somehow knew of or could see from his view point the inner struggle of my mind. In my lame attempt to give the glory to God I said I was a Christian and that's what Christians do. To which he replied with a statement about helping others for the sake of helping others. I thanked him for his encouragement somehow and we both went our separate ways.


To this day I believe it was an angel as it would have been very hard to see me in my van from that far away. What he said to me was indeed comforting

Comment by LesMiller on October 17, 2011 at 6:11pm
I find the more thankful I am, the more I can see the Lord working through those "thousand ways of taking care of" me every day.
Comment by Matt Britten on September 29, 2011 at 10:55pm

Here is a testimony of a friend that just happened recently:

I met a pre-Christian friend the other day. She was very worried about her little 2 year old girl who had been hardly eating anything and very limited variety for months. I sort of palmed her off saying, 'Kids dont starve themselves, she'll be ok'. That didn't help because the next time I met her, she brought up the same issue. I realized that maybe there was a problem! So I offered to get her the number of a dietician who had helped a friend of mine. Then I offered to pray for her. I didn't really think it was a prayer thing...just a logistics thing - getting her child to eat of little faith! She was happy about me praying for her girl, so I placed my hand on her and asked God to increase her appetite. We parted and I went about getting that telephone number for her.


I saw them again about a week later and asked if she had recieved my text with the dietician's number. She said 'Yes...but!!!!' then she proceeded to tell me that they had gone home after the prayer and her little girl had eaten such an amount for lunch that it had 'shocked' her (her words!!) and that she had asked for more at tea (unheard she would normally not have eaten tea if she had had anything substancial for lunch!!!) Her mum is overwhelmed by her daughter's healing and is still in a state of shock! Meeee too!!! This miracle has gone deep in me because I hadn't expected anything and God still poured out His Presence and healing upon a little girl who was too little to do anyting to help herself!! Teehee!!

Comment by Matt Britten on August 1, 2011 at 12:29pm

In September/October 1999, Herry Mhando was conducting an evangelistic crusade in Harare, Zimbabwe. The non-Christians in the city heard that special prayers of deliverance were being conducted twice every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Miracles would happen for all who believe. Thousands came. A young lady who had an incurable disease was among them. She was completely healed. The following day she came back, and when the alter call was made, she was among the hundreds who made a decision for Christ. Her life has never been the same again.


Extract from the book:
Herry Mhando: The man, & his methods of evangelism & church growth.
Author: Nkosiabo Zvandasara
Publisher: Lesley Books, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA.


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